Naming it is the hardest part.

I’ve got several blog posts mapped out just waiting to be written. This post  isn’t one of them. I’ve succumbed to Stella’s most recent daycare cold and, even though I feel the need to write, I just don’t want to give short shrift to any of the posts I’ve mapped out.

So, here we are.


My sick station


I’m sitting on my couch with some terrible sinus pressure, a runny nose, sore throat and a newborn. A newborn who also has a runny nose. I know this is just a cold, but Stella didn’t get her first cold until she was almost 3 months old. A three week old with a potential cold really freaks me out. I’m waking up every time she makes a noise, I’m sleeping with my hand on her chest or with her on my chest, I”m nursing her as often as possible and hoping that she’s getting antibodies from me.

I’m sitting on my couch, feeling pretty terrible myself, and feeling anxious that my newborn also feels terrible. This feeling–the feeling that you’re more worried about someone else than yourself–really only has one name.


I’ve felt it before. Of course I have. I have a two year old. It’s new and different now though. Feeling it for someone other than Stella is new and different.

Motherhood is old and new all at once.


Working on my fitness: Postpartum edition

Baby S. was born a little over seven weeks ago (feels more like seven minutes ago…) and, I have to admit, it took me a few weeks to get back into an exercise routine. Before I was pregnant and even during pregnancy, I had a 7 day a week exercise habit. I mean, I’ve never been super buff or anything, but every day I did yoga and/or some sort of cardio for at least an hour. The day before I went into labor I walked 2 miles and had a nice hour long yoga practice.

That was the last time I did yoga or anything resembling exercise (other than birthing a baby) for three weeks.

After Baby S. was born days and nights blended together for a while and I just didn’t realize how much time was passing for a while. Then when I finally did realize it had been two weeks since I’d done anything other than play with the baby, I was a little too sore to do anything too strenuous. Since my body was tight and tense, I felt like I needed to do something anyway so I found a postnatal yoga class focusing on shoulder and heart opening. Even though it was only a 20 minute long sequence, that practice was an important milestone for me. It’s what brought be out of my postpartum haze and reminded me that even though I’m a mom now, I’m still me.

Since then, I’ve had a goal of doing yoga or taking a walk everyday. Why? It’s not about losing weight; I’ve already lost 25 of the 30 pounds I gained during pregnancy. Nope, this is mainly about being healthy and making time for myself. It doesn’t work out all the time, but that’s okay. It’s a work in progress. So, for accountability, I’m doing a 30 day fitness challenge. Everyday for 30 days I’ll do some sort of fitness activity for at least 30 minutes. I won’t kid myself and say I’ll blog about it everyday (I think we all know that’s not going to happen), but I will post a summary once a week.

IMG_0650Me and Baby S out for a walk earlier this week. 

The main problem (other than time) with working out after having a baby is that my strength hasn’t fully returned yet. My body is healing but not fully healed yet. My midwife gave me the okay to start exercising again, but said to take it slow. Any suggestions for postpartum exercise?


Is it spring already?

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of March! Time really got away from me this winter and, at least according to Mother Nature today, it’s almost spring. It’s sunny and warm (almost 70!) here today, so S. and I took Baby S and the dogs to the park. Here’s how it went down…


Baby S. was initially not super excited about the park…


But later she was so excited she fell asleep in the ergo.


Oh well. The bear dogs were excited enough for all of us!

Hope you’re enjoying your almost spring Saturday as well!

38 Week Update

IMG_0776I’m so excited! It’s the final countdown!

…I mean probably.

My due date is 8 days away! Of course, I know that there’s always a chance that Baby S. will decide to wait around a while longer, but I like to think this is the final countdown. I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression. I really like being pregnant, but I’m definitely getting really super impatient to meet the little being who has been residing in my uterus for the last almost 39 weeks.

So, for what could be the final time, here are all the juicy details.

How far along| 38 weeks, 6 days

Baby’s Size| ?? Judging by the size of my stomach, roughly the size of a basketball.

Weight Gain| 26 pounds. Also known as more than I want to acknowledge.

Sleep| Meh. Good sometimes. Bad sometimes.

Clothes| All I want to wear is leggings and sweatshirts.

Cravings| None.

Food Aversions| Still peanut butter. Bleh.

Symptoms| My ankles started swelling! Luckily this only lasted for 2 days, but it was really unpleasant and really weird looking.

Movement| Still lots.

Belly Button| Still in.

Baby’s Position| Hard to tell. She’s definitely “dropped” and at last check she was sunny side up. I’ve been trying  to get her to roll over, but I’m not sure that it’s working so far.

Highlight of the Week| Massage! Seriously these are fabulous. If you’re pregnant, I highly recommend getting one. If you’re pregnant and in Lexington, Kentucky, I highly recommend Baby Moon.

What I miss|  Focus. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’ve had pregnancy brain hardcore for a while now. And if I didn’t mention it, it’s because I forgot because I’ve got terrible pregnancy brain.


Assuming Baby S. doesn’t decide to make her appearance in the middle of the freezing rain/ice storm we’re currently having here, check back next week for another update.


Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

Um. So. Yeah.

I don’t even have words to say how crazy it is that I’m only 4 weeks away from being full term. My due date is in 26 days. Twenty. Six. Days.

That’s not very long from now.

I was planning to post a cute picture of me, but I keep forgetting to get S. to take one. So, I took this one today instead.



The belly and a bear dog.


This is my view when I look down. Do you see my feet? Cause I can’t. I hope they’re okay down there…

Here’s the meat and bones of the update:

How far along| 36 weeks, 2 days

Baby’s Size|  At 34 weeks the ultrasound tech said 5 lbs, but who knows?

Weight Gain| Roughly 20 pounds. I not trying to avoid this question. I just don’t have scale.

Sleep| Really good… between the hours of 2 am and 9 am. Which isn’t the best time to sleep when you have a 9-5 job.

Clothes| Maternity all the way. Except for yoga pants and leggings.

Cravings| None really.

Food Aversions| Mainly just pickles and things I’ve never liked.

Symptoms| Stuffy nose.

Movement| Lots. I think she’s doing somersaults.

Belly Button| Still in.

Highlight of the Week| Getting furniture moved into permanent places in the nursery.

What I miss|  Alcohol.  There’s so much alcohol involved in holiday celebrations.

Look for another update in a couple of weeks!


30 Day Yoga Challenge: Days 23-30

For the record, I know the challenge ended on November 8th. And, I know that it’s currently November 18th. Yep. I’m late. But the good news is that I finished the challenge! That’s right. I made time for yoga for 30 whole days (except for that one day when I was too tired). Of  course, I waited so long to finish up the posting that it seems useless to try to recap each practice. Instead, I’ve decided to just recap my experience.

This challenge, even though I’ve been kind of terrible with blog updating, has been great. It has forced me to make time for myself every day and to realize that time for myself might vary day to day. Sometimes it’s an hour practicing in a room alone and sometimes its a 20 min practice in my living room with S., the dogs, and the TV in the background. I’ve found that both, and everything in between, is rejuvenating for me depending on my mood.  That in itself will be very helpful in the next few months, but probably the best thing about this challenge is that it’s helped me develop a yoga habit. Even though the challenge has been over for 10 days, I’ve kept up with the daily practice without too much trying.

After the challenge, I’m more relaxed than normal and I feel pretty fabulous, both of which are really surprising considering I’m roughly 10 weeks away from giving birth (!!!) and have been working 50 hour weeks for the last 6 weeks (also one reason I’ve been lagging on the blogging front). Basically, the only downside to the challenge is that you have to make time for it. At first that’s a bit of a challenge in itself, but really its not that hard. All in all, I recommend doing your own challenge, just maybe don’t commit to blogging about it every day…

Black Bean Quesadillas

So remember how I’ve been craving black beans? Well that hasn’t changed at all and, luckily, they’re healthy and pretty much every recipe I use them in is fast.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time on pinterest and discovered a new recipe for Black Bean Quesadillas. This recipe is super easy and very fast, two things I needed yesterday. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but there are times when I go from not at all remotely hungry to oh-my-god-I’m-going-to-die-of starvation-if-I-don’t-eat-immediately in a matter of minutes. Pregnancy has made this worse and yesterday around lunch time I hit that critical point more quickly than normal. So, I was pretty stoked that I had all the ingredients for the recipe on hand. Of course, there was a bit of hanger induced yelling when I put everything into my food processor only to discover that my food processor is, apparently, broken. No big deal in the long run though. I just mixed everything together and had a chunky filling instead of a smooth one. Still delicious. 

This is, unfortunately, one of those times when I was so hungry that I didn’t think to take a picture of the finished product. So, you guys don’t get to see that it was actually very pretty and colorful. Probably because of the un-food processed filling and guacamole topping. I know just my word with no supporting pictures isn’t the best advertisement ever, but you should seriously try this when you need something fast, healthy, and delicious. 

On a completely unrelated note, if anyone reading this is wondering what to get me for Christmas a new food processor wouldn’t be unappreciated…