So, I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for my physical and a couple of vaccinations (the flu and whopping cough–both only because of the baby). Yesterday, I got the results from the bazillion (not an exaggeration) tests they did. Slightly unsurprisingly, I’m super healthy. Except. I have high cholesterol.

At first, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, if you know me or have been reading ye olde bloge for any amount of time, you know I’m pretty healthy. I run (sometimes), I do yoga, I weight train (less often than I should these days), I’m a  vegetarian, I don’t eat processed foods (very much). I’m generally speaking pretty super healthy. In fact, I think this is the first time, I’ve ever had a slightly abnormal test result. So what did I do? That’s right. I turned to the interwebz.

Here’s what I found: Having high cholesterol when you’re breastfeeding is pretty normal and common. Which is weird, but makes me feel a little bit better and talked me off the OH-MY-GOD-I’M-GOING-TO-DIE-A-PREMATURE-HEART-DISEASE-RELATED-DEATH cliff I had been on. I mean, if the results don’t change after Stella weans I’m sure I’ll be back on the cliff, but for now I’m good. Has anyone else had this experience?


Chai Tea Lattes

In the fall and winter, I like spicy teas. And by spicy I mean like cinnamon and nutmeg not like jalapenos. Anyway, during this time of the year my go to afternoon/late morning Starbucks drink is a Chai Tea Latte. One day last week, I received some very disturbing news.

Apparently, the Chai Tea Latte doesn’t actually have chai tea in it.

That’s right. There’s no chai tea in the chai tea latte. I’ll let that sink in.

I discovered this when I asked a pretty confused looking barista (baristo? what’s the masculine version?) if I could have my latte without sweetner. He responded that I couldn’t because they use chai flavored syrup to make the chai tea latte. I was speechless. And confused.

Anyway. After some discussion with my local baristas (what’s the plural? why is this word so hard?), I figured out that the way to order a chai tea latte that is actually made of chai tea is to request a brewed tea misto. It’s hard, needlessly confusing, and apparently a secret, so I thought I’d share.

Good luck and enjoy your “real” chai tea latte.

This is weird, right?

I ordered some things from knitpicks.com earlier this week. When it arrived yesterday, it was in a HUGE box and I was a little surprised.


I only ordered 4 things so I was pretty shocked by the super-sized box. Especially the weird wrapping paper packing material.


Last night, I didn’t even think about the weird packing wrapping paper. This morning when I was picking it all up, I realized the weird wrapping paper was from the express.


Now I’m just confused. Why is there express wrapping paper (and expired coupons) in my knitpicks.com order?

Hobbies for a 95 year old woman?

Sometimes, just for funsies, I like to see how people are finding my blog. Quelle surprise, most of the time it’s a tea tag quote. please note, I’m not being sarcastic. I actually am surprised that people google those tea tag quotes and find my blog.

But yesterday I checked my wordpress site stats and found that at least one person found my blog by searching “hobbies for a 95 year old woman”



I know I joke about essentially being a 95 year old woman because of all my odd hobbies, have a category called “getting old sucks” and once even wrote a post about how I was a 95 year old woman, but really? That’s enough for this blog to come up in a google search for old woman hobbies?

Clearly, I’m shocked and disturbed by this. I’ve seriously got to start blogging about things that are more… I don’t know… young. Yes. Young is the word I’m looking for here. Of course that’s not going to be easy given that this scene is pretty representative of my life.


Yeah. I guess if I’m going to start blogging about things that are less old lady-ish I’m going to have to get some new hobbies. I’ll let you know what those are as soon as I google  “hobbies for 27 year old woman who wants hobbies that a 95 year old woman wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole”

Taking Shelter


Me and the bear dogs not taking any chances.

P.S. I cleaned put my closet for this if you can believe it.

EDIT:  In case you weren’t following my live tweeting of the storm that just hit Lexington, I was hiding in my closet with the dogs while the Hubby stood outside and took pics of the tornadoes… I’ll try to arrange for pics of that later.  We’re all okay now, by the way.

Earth Week: Don’t buy useless crap


I came across this on my daily stop at Starbucks (don’t judge!) this morning. It’s a Via brewer. Via is the Starbucks brand instant coffee. I’m not a huge fan of instant coffee at all, but this is  better than most. It’ll do in a pinch. That’s not to say I would ever advocate buying a special brewer for your instant coffee. It’s instant coffee. All you do is add hot water. That’s all. And if you don’t have time to put a teapot on the stove or warm some water in a microwave you don’t have time for instant coffee.

“How does this post fit into earth week?”‘ you ask. In my mind, going green is best summed up in the old phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” And not buying this useless piece of crap instant coffee “brewer” falls into the reduce category. If people stop buying crap they don’t need, like this “brewer”, there will be a gradual decline in resources used to produce all that useless crap. Using fewer resources is good for the Earth… I think you can probably make the leap to how this fits into my Earth Week theme from here.

…and this is why I haven’t been blogging

My desk after a three day appellate brief writing binge. That particular brief is done, but today I’m starting on another for a 6th circuit appeal (eek!). This will be my first federal court appeal and I’m a little nervous…

Anyway, my camera is also lost, so expect a few posts with no pictures until I find it or buy a new one. In the meantime, prepare for blog silence until this brief is finished.