Independence Day

My favorite movie of all time.

It really is and I’m sure I’ll watch it at some point today. But for now, I’m going out to enjoy the beautiful day and to celebrate America’s Independence Day.

Enjoy your day.



Life these days

Wow. It’s been awhile since I blogged anything here. I bet you guys thought I forgot all about you, didn’t you? 

To be honest, I did for a bit. Life has been crazy lately. We moved a couple of months ago and are still not completely unpacked, Stella is growing and developing like crazy, I’ve been working crazy hours at work, and Stella started a new daycare. Basically all this adds up to basically zero free time and zero blogging time. Things are finally starting to calm down, so there may be more updates coming soon as well as the long awaited birth story (I know you’ve all been holding your breath). For now, here’s a cute picture of Stella!


Mornings with Martha

This is something that I never thought I’d say, but I love mornings! I hinted at the reason in my last post and here it is: I don’t work full-time anymore.

I never thought at any point in my life that having a baby would make me reevaluate my life so much. But it did. Shortly after returning from maternity leave, I realized I couldn’t continue to work full time and be the person I wanted to be. So, after lots of soul searching and discussions with my husband, I talked to my boss, who is very supportive of flexible work schedules. After more discussions, I started working an 80% schedule. What that means, practically speaking, is that I work from 10-4 everyday.

I’ve been working that schedule for about 6 weeks now and AWESOME. I’m much less stressed, I have more time with the family, more time for me, and, maybe not so surprisingly, I’m getting more done at work.

But this is the best part. This is how I spend my morning. With a cup of tea and sleeping baby.


I’m so grateful to have such an amazing and understanding employer.

Is it spring already?

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of March! Time really got away from me this winter and, at least according to Mother Nature today, it’s almost spring. It’s sunny and warm (almost 70!) here today, so S. and I took Baby S and the dogs to the park. Here’s how it went down…


Baby S. was initially not super excited about the park…


But later she was so excited she fell asleep in the ergo.


Oh well. The bear dogs were excited enough for all of us!

Hope you’re enjoying your almost spring Saturday as well!

30-Day Yoga Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to do yoga everyday for 30 days. I KNOW. This is crazy, right? We all know that the longest span I’ve ever practiced yoga at one stretch is a whooping 6 days. That’s not to say I have a super sporadic practice, it’s just that something always happens on that seventh day and I just don’t make the time for yoga.

But that all changes now. For the next 30 days, I will practice yoga for at least 20 minutes a day. And, to give myself some accountability, I”ll post a pic of myself doing that everyday.

Guys. I KNOW. Yoga and a blog post everyday? Unheard of.

You might be wondering, because of my previous lack of consistency in blogging and my 7-day yoga block, why on earth I’ve decided to do this. I got the idea from Skinny Emmie, who is currently doing her own 30-day yoga challenge. Her challenge involves doing a specific pose and posting pictures of that everyday. I like the idea of that challenge, but I know me. If my challenge is to document my practice with one specific pose everyday, I”ll just do that one pose and call it day. So, I modified and made my own challenge.

Tree Pose at 25 weeks! Also, new hair cut and color. 

I started my challenge yesterday (October 10). This practice started as a generic low back pain class from yogaglo. Low back pain has pretty much been my only real pregnancy complaint, so I usually try to incorporate yoga postures to alleviate that into my practice. I’ll admit, I got bored about 5 minutes into this class, so I turned it off and did my own thing for a bit. And, yes, my own thing included tree pose, which happens to be one of my all time favorite poses. Even though this practice didn’t turn out the way I thought it might, it was actually better. By the end, my back pain was gone, my hamstrings were stretched, and I felt balanced again. That’s what a good yoga practice does for you.

Check in tomorrow for the next update!


A day in the life

On Wednesday, day two of my time off work last week, I decided to do a photograph diary of my day. I was going to post it on Thursday, but then life intervened and I slept all day.  So, three days later, this is how I spent my Wednesday.

Morning coffee with the bear dog.

Giant spider that I almost sat my jacket on.

The bear cub hunting moles. She caught three and I was traumatized.

                              Bear dog protecting me from the unknown and probably evil object (aka a normal flat tire)

Blocking a scarf… for the first time!

R. displaying the weirdest looking sweet potato (or yam?) we’ve ever seen.

Dinner (Spaghetti Squash) and Dessert (chocolate chip muffins).