Knowing yourself

It’s important to find your identity and your legacy.

I’m home sick today. And drinking lots of echinacea yogi tea. I came across the above quote and, while this might be the fever talking, I think this might be the most true yogi tea tag I’ve ever come across.

Isn’t life all about trying to find out who you are and how you’ll be remembered? Personally, I’ve been trying to find out who I am since I was a teenager. Now that I’m in the higher end of my twenties, I still don’t know. I think it’s a lifelong journey, finding out who you are, and that you never really know how you’re going to be remembered.


Happiness comes when you overcome the most impossible challenge

It’s been a while since I came across a new yogi tea tag. To be honest, I’m not positive that it’s new, but it is fitting right now. Life has been… challenging lately. I won’t go into details, but I think everyone can relate to this: Sometimes, even when your life is really great, small things (or big things) happen that rain on your parade and cause you to lose perspective. Things happen that cause you to forgot that you are really lucky and life is really good. And sometimes all you need to remind you of that is something like this tea tag.

When ego is lost, limit is lost

This title is courtesy of my yogi tea.
I’ve gotten this tea tag a few times now and I have to say I’ve given a lot of thought to it. I think it’s true. Humans are egotistical animals, but when we give up the ego and just work together there’s no limit to what we can do.
Too bad it’s not easier to do that.

By Honoring Your Words, You are Honored in the World

* Title courtesy of yogi tea!

I know this sounds old fashioned, but I think it’s the truth. People aren’t going to rely on you if they feel like you can’t be trusted. And this doesn’t just mean that they think you’re a big fat liar. It can also mean that you’re a big fat flake-r.

I fall into the latter category—I’m terrible about saying that I’ll do something and not following through. But I’m trying to get better. In fact, maybe that’s a goal for this year. Yes. It is.

Slight digression, but the point is do what you say you will and mean what you say.

Happiness is nothing but total relaxation

This is something that I firmly believe. However, I think my idea of total relaxation is somewhat different than others. Sometimes for me total relaxation is laying on beach somewhere tropical or anything else you could imagine as stereotypical relaxation. But sometimes I’m totally and completely relaxed when I busily working.

So what’s up with that? Here’s my theory: relaxation isn’t about what you’re doing. It’s about doing something you enjoy.

Nature is a giver, a true friend, and a sustainer

I’m an environmentalist. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that or if I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s true. I’ve been an environmentalist since I was a kid and honestly I don’t understand why everyone isn’t into conservation, etc. I really just don’t get it—recycling doesn’t take a lot of effort and reusing things takes zero effort. I have a theory. Protecting the environment has become a political issue, and, I think, people who might otherwise say “you know what? I really like to see trees and having clean drinking water, maybe I shouldn’t be so wasteful” are instead thinking “if I buy an aluminum water bottle, I’m a communist.”

Anyway, the title of this post was on my yogi tea tag and it made me think about why I’m an environmentalist. To be short and sweet, the reason is that I believe the title. I grew up in the Appalachian mountains in southeastern Kentucky and I spent a lot of my childhood hiking the mountain behind my house. By no means am I a crazy survivorman type of hiker, but I spent a large amount of time in nature and I learned a lot from being in nature. It’s easy to forget, in our modern lives, that we couldn’t live without the things we get from the earth (like oxygen). So this particular cup of tea reminded me that sometimes I just need to appreciate the simple and forgotten things in life.