Earth Week: Happy Earth Day!

It’s finally here. Earth Day! Yay!

I’ve always been a fan of Earth Day. When I was a kid, it was the day/week when our school projects focused on conservation, recycling, and community clean-up. I mean actual community clean up. This was the time of year when we made it a point to clean up all the trash that had collected around the community throughout the year. As I got older, it became less about learning about saving the environment and a bit more commercial. It wasn’t until college that I started volunteering for community clean up projects again. I’m not entirely sure why I enjoy picking up litter so much, but it just makes me feel really awesome.

Lately, while I still love Earth Day and the focus it puts on the environment, it seems a little commercial. There’s all the Earth Day deals, like free coffee at Starbucks. Disillusionment with Earth Day has been all over my twitter feed (follow me!) and one of my favorite blogs, The Green Phone Booth, also posted about this topic.

So all this made me think: Is Earth Day overrated? Does it still serve it’s purpose of drawing attention to our environmental issues? And, most importantly, do I sound like Carrie Bradshaw right now? Cause I’m not really okay with that.


Earth Week: Free Coffee reminder…

If you’re a Starbucks fiend fan like me, you may or may not know that tomorrow is free coffee/tea day at Starbucks! Well. Kind of. To celebrate Earth Day, Starbucks is giving free brewed coffee and tea to people who bring in their own reusable mugs.

Of course, this works perfectly with my Earth Week resolution to not allow my reusable mug to separate from my hand…

Earth Week: Don’t buy useless crap


I came across this on my daily stop at Starbucks (don’t judge!) this morning. It’s a Via brewer. Via is the Starbucks brand instant coffee. I’m not a huge fan of instant coffee at all, but this is  better than most. It’ll do in a pinch. That’s not to say I would ever advocate buying a special brewer for your instant coffee. It’s instant coffee. All you do is add hot water. That’s all. And if you don’t have time to put a teapot on the stove or warm some water in a microwave you don’t have time for instant coffee.

“How does this post fit into earth week?”‘ you ask. In my mind, going green is best summed up in the old phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” And not buying this useless piece of crap instant coffee “brewer” falls into the reduce category. If people stop buying crap they don’t need, like this “brewer”, there will be a gradual decline in resources used to produce all that useless crap. Using fewer resources is good for the Earth… I think you can probably make the leap to how this fits into my Earth Week theme from here.

Starbucks should pay me

I know I talk about Starbucks a lot. Like, so much, that you’re probably wondering if they pay me. They don’t. But they probably should.

Anyway, here’s my Starbucks money saving tip of the day: Take your own to-go cup. I found out this morning that taking your own cup knocks 10 cents off the final price. Not a lot, but if you go a lot it adds up. There’s also the feel-good factor of not creating more waste with a disposable cup. This is how it works: you order your drink and when they ask what size hand them your cup. The clerk (I refuse to say barista-I think its a stupid title) then looks at the oz size of your cup and charges/makes your drink according to that.

It’s simple and it saves money. What’s not to like?

Oh, if you’re wondering what ever happened to me giving up caffeine, that’s still a go. I’ve cut back pretty dramatically and all the drinks I get at Starbucks are half-caff.


I’m not a paid Starbucks spokesperson. Yet.

It continues. 
I am now a starbucks gold card member. If you don’t know what that mean, congratulations! You’re not a huge douche! …Also this probably means that you don’t have a massive caffeine addiction and a need to take walks on a semi-regular basis throughout the day.
Anyway, the Starbucks Gold Card (p.s. Starbucks should totally be paying me for this free-advertising) is what you get when you have 30 star rewards points in one year. Star Rewards are really easy to get; all you have to do is get a starbucks gift card and register it online. Incidentally, this is a really good way to budget yourself; set an amount to spend at starbucks every month and put it on the card. Every time you make a purchase using your gift card, you get a star. 
Et, violia! Eventually, you make 30 purchases and get a gold card. And then, your level of douche-baggery goes even higher than you thought it could ever be. Even higher than looking for fair-trade, organic, shade grown coffee made it.