When you’re too busy for social media

You’ve no doubt noticed that my blog posting frequency has dropped dramatically since Stella was born TWO years ago. Well, so has my facebook usage. Really, the only social media I use regularly is twitter and instagram. After some thought, I’ve realized why. Both twitter and instagram take about 30 seconds to post to It’s easy and it’s quick and, best of all, it gives me the illusion that I’m still connected to people. So, if you’re not following me on twitter or instagram, you really should be.


Word of warning, my instagram feed is a lot of Stella and my dogs and snow (at least this week). All of this is because earlier this year, I discovered Printsagram. It’s an awesome site that lets you print photo books from your instagram feed. I love doing yearly photo books, but honestly I don’t have time to mess with uploading photos and choosing layouts and editing pictures. With this site you literally just pick which pictures from your instagram feed you want and it arranges them by date and voila, you’re done. It’s basically the best thing ever when you don’t even have time to write a facebook post. And the book was beautiful! All of this to say, I’m posting lots more this year than last so I can have a better book for 2015.

*I feel like I should say here that Prinstagram isn’t paying me anything or even giving me anything for free in return for saying good things about them. I mean, I wouldn’t turn free stuff down, but I really just like the site. 


Holy Crap! I have a baby!

You probably already guessed by my long absence, but in case you didn’t notice that I’ve been gone for about 6 weeks… I had a baby! A baby that is currently showing all signs that she’s waking up from a nap, so I’ll have make this short.

In my last update, at 38 weeks, I mentioned that my due date was only 8 days away. Well. Exactly eight days after that, I went into labor. I’ll give you guys a more detailed birth story later on, so for now I’ll just say everything went great and Baby S. made her appearance at precisely 7 am on January 24th.


Baby S on her birthday


S with Baby S minutes after she was born

Look for a more complete update in the next few days!

2012: My top 5 list

I know most everyone has already done a year in review post. I wasn’t planning to do one because, well, I kind of hate year in review posts. I think they’re boring and repetitive because I’ve almost already read whatever the blogger is reviewing. But then I started thinking about 2012 and realized that I didn’t write about a lot of awesome things that happened to me over the past year. So, to kick off 2013 I’ve made a  top 5 of 2012 list. Here we go!

5. S. turns 30 and we realize we’re adults. Or maybe that was just me. Seriously, though. Coming to the realization that you’re an adult is a little scary.

4. I started running regularly. I’ve wanted to be a runner for a while now, but never had the discipline (or patience) to actually do it. See, I’ve always been more of an elliptical or stair climber gal. Or really just any machine with a TV and in an air conditioned building. Spring 2012 I did it for real though. I started running. Outside even!

3. My job turned into my career. I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but sometime over the last year it did. My thinking about my work shifted and, honestly, it’s surprising and awesome.

2. I found a little but of balance in my life. Balance between the things I love to do and things I feel obligated to do. Notice I didn’t say the things I hate doing. I can’t think of anything that I truly hate doing, just things that I enjoy less because I’m obligated to do them.

1. We’re having a baby! This is something we’ve been waiting for for a while now and I’m so excited it’s finally happening!



Christmas 2012… Please ignore the bear dogs trying to escape. 

All in all, 2012 was a pretty great year. Of course, it had its fair share of low points and those low points are going to stay with me into 2013 and 2014 and probably indefinitely. Regardless, the good outweighed the bad in 2012 and, really, what more can you ask for?  Not much, I think. Of course, the dream is a year-and a life-full of only good, but that’s unrealistic. So, this year I’m looking forward to a year that’s more sweet than bitter!

All good things must come to an end

S. and I are leaving our glorious beach vacation behind today. We were planning for a late departure this afternoon complete with a mini beach day, but then we both got horribly sunburned yesterday. So that plan got scratched.

Despite that we had decided to get up in an attempt to see the sunrise one more time. When the alarm went off this morning, I got up, opened the curtains, and… Rain. Lots of heavy rain. Sadly, I climbed back into bed (first time I’ve ever written that sentence). A few minutes later, when I couldn’t go back to sleep, I decided to get up and have some coffee of the very drippy balcony. That’s when I saw this:


Despite the really heavy rain (which miraculously didn’t show up in the picture) I can see the sun rising!

Hope your Friday is as surprising!

Update: I’ve developed a small-ish (?) baby bump


16 weeks

I know, i know. The bump isn’t that big.

Looking at this picture you would never know that I feel like I’m approximately the size of a hippopotamus. (Probably due in part to my lack of well-fitting clothing.)

Other than that all’s well. The flooring install project, which is coming along nicely, is making me a little crazy because I can’t find anything. I’ll be updating that soon.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye on the prize: awesome new floors… And vacation next week!

More than you wanted to know… probably.

I know it’s been a while since I posted (since May 10th to be exact). And I’m sorry for that, but there’s a very good reason.

Shortly after my last post, I found out that I’m pregnant!

Obviously, I’m pretty excited. Okay that’s an understatement… I’m SUPER excited. So excited that I wanted to tell everyone as soon as I found out. The practical side of me decided that spreading the news immediately was probably not the best idea ever, so I decided to wait. Because I didn’t trust myself to not blog about it (and also because I was so tired I went to sleep pretty much as soon as I got home everyday), I took a blogging vacation. Now that I’m back (maybe not consistently), I’ll try to write about something other than babies sometimes. But not this post. This post is going to be all about the baby.

Based on the questions people usually ask, these are the things you’re probably wondering right now:

1. The baby’s due sometime in the middle/end of January. The actual date right now is January 23rd, but, of course, that will probably change.

2. That makes me almost 4 months pregnant.

3. We’ll probably find out the gender but it’s not time yet.

4. We’re not thinking of any names yet.

5. Yes, I had morning sickness. No, it wasn’t the worst ever. Yes, I feel much better now (and more well rested).

I really want to include some ultrasound pics to wrap this up, but I also kinda hate it when people post ultrasound pictures because I can never see anything except for shapeless blobs and always feel like I have to pretend I see a human.  I’ll refrain to save you guys that awkwardness, even though I can totally see an actual baby in my own ultrasound. Instead, here’s a picture of me from a couple of weeks ago!

 13 weeks!

Calming Knits

As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s been a rough few days for me and my family. On that subject, thanks so much to everyone who offered their support.

I’ve been dealing with the stress in various ways, running, ignoring the situation, and knitting. It’s hard to share evidence of how much I’ve been running, but it’s pretty easy to show you my knitting progress.

For most of the week I’ve been working on this Clapotis pattern from knitty. It’s super easy and doesn’t really require that much attention, so it’s good for situations when you might have to toss it to the side to grab an infant who’s trying to crawl out the front door or hug someone. Those are, of course, completely non-specific examples.

This is my second time with this pattern and, after running out of yarn while sick knitting during my pneumonia convalescence, I made sure that I got more yardage than I needed for the pattern. Great idea. Except apparently this yarn is shrinking as I knit it because now I’m not even halfway through and almost finished with my entire stash of this color. So, I’ve spent the morning scouring the internet for a discontinued yarn color. I’ve found exactly two stores on the entire internet that have it. Geez.

Since I’m basically out of yarn for the Clapotis until reinforcements arrive, I’m also working on a Cat’s Paw Lace wrap.

If you recognize this project, it’s because I’ve been working on it since April 2011That’s right. I’ve been working on it for an entire year. Basically this project has been the bane of my existence for a year. Since it’s lace I can’t work on it anytime that I need to talk to people or pay attention to anything other than knitting. So basically, it’s been impossible to finish this project. Good news, though, I think I’m going to be finished with it soon!

For now, those are the only things I have on my needles. Of course, depending on when the yarn reinforcements arrive or when my need for the calming power of knitting fades, that could change.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and words.