I’ve resolved this month to spend more time in nature. I started a new job in April that requires a longer commute so I’m in the car and/or my office a lot these days. That’s not really what led me to decide to get out more though. What really prompted this was my discovery that Google is tracking me. I know, I know. It’s creepy, corporate domination, big brother, rise of the machines, etc., etc.

It happened on June 1. I got a notification from Google Now (a service you have to enable to let Google track you) (I mean, they probably were anyway)(but maybe they’re not creepy and weren’t until I said they could?) that I had walked 3 miles in the month of May. That’s probably not super accurate because, according to the Google Now terms, Google only gets periodic updates (they claim anyway) and I don’t carry my phone with me every time I go for a walk (unsafe, I know), but that’s still a number that’s waaaaay too low for my taste.

So. This month I’ve decided to make sure that number is a bit higher and I’ve been trying to make sure I get at least half an hour of time in nature everyday. Usually that takes the form of a walk either with the bear dogs or the husband and baby. Sometimes it’s just some time playing in the yard and gardening with the baby. Sometimes its a lunchtime stroll across campus. The point isn’t really a specific activity. It’s to make sure I see some sunshine and get a little more movement in my life.

Thus far it’s going really well. All the time in nature is making me focus on things I wouldn’t have noticed before. Like that there’s a couple of wild ducks that hang out in my neighbors yard in the evening and that my dogs give the illusion of being really well trained when there’s other people around provided those other people aren’t also walking dogs. Here’s my favorite view from last night’s walk in the park near my house.

20140616_202954 (1)


I discovered heaven on Earth

Guys. Did you know there’s a beer cheese festival? And did you know that for $5 you can taste like 30 different kinds of beer cheese? I know. It sounds too good to be true. But, luckily, it is true! It’s happening today in Winchester and it’s awesome.



We spent the early afternoon there today with a few thousand of our closest friends. Not only is this festival awesome because it revolves around beer cheese and Ale-8, the fact that it was on Father’s Day weekend got me out of going to a steakhouse to celebrate. Beer cheese and no steak. Win-win.

This was, surprisingly, our first festival with a baby. No wait. That’s a lie. I took Stella to a festival in Berea last year. BUT. This was definitely our first festival with a toddler. She LOVED it. She spent most of the time people watching but when she wasn’t doing that she was tossing her hat on the ground to distract us while she bolted away.


We just got home and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Got Brunch? A restaurant review

Ah, brunch. The best meal of the day. I’ve often talked about how I love breakfast and how its my favorite meal of the day. So, it should come as no surprise that on the beautiful first day of fall we had yesterday, I wanted to go out for brunch. Especially when I remembered that a new breakfast/brunch/restaurant had opened up down the street from my house.I’ve been excited about this new place for months now (pretty much as soon as I saw the sign announcing it was coming). While my side of town has a ton of mediocre chain restaurants for dinner there are actually zero places, local or otherwise, that serve breakfast and/or brunch.  Of course, I was excited to go to brunch without driving across town.

I was disappointed.

The new place, a chain called First Watch, wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t awesome either. It was just… meh.

The menu looks really delicious, but our food could have been better. S. ordered a hash with poached eggs, that were waaaaay overdone, and pesto hollandaise. which was very tasty.

Overdone eggs + delicious pesto hollandaise = disappointing dish

My meal wasn’t bad. The omelet was fluffy and the side of potatoes I got was fabulous. But overall it just wasn’t great.

It was very pretty…

Despite, this very lackluster first experience I’ll give it another chance. I really wanted to try the pancakes, but talked myself out of it at the last minute. This is really a very odd review for me. I don’t feel like I can really recommend you guys go to this place. But. It wasn’t so terrible that I feel like I should tell you not to go.

So… basically, I guess if you really want some brunch that’s not super expensive and is pretty okay, try this place? Maybe?

Bourbon Festival

I think this post may be a first. That’s right. My first day of posting two blogs in one day! Normally, this isn’t anything I would ever have time to do, but this post isn’t a long one. Just a short announcement with a link.

Apparently, there’s a Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

I KNOW. I’m shocked I didn’t know too.

I’ve never been and won’t be able to attend this year due to uncharacteristic over scheduling of my weekend. However, Lydia, one of the fabulous bloggers at HerKentucky, says that it’s a fantastic experience. Click over to read more details from Lydia and, if you didn’t commit yourself to approximately three thousand things this weekend, try to make it over to Bardstown before Sunday. If nothing else, the allegedly-vailable for tasting 23-year old Pappy Van-Winkle is worth the drive.

No Spotlight on Lexington Festival this year?

I just saw that the 2011 Spotlight on Lexington Festival has been cancelled due to low funding! I’m so sad. This was such a fun event last year and I was really hoping that it would continue. I’m resigned to the fact that this isn’t going to happen, but I was really hoping that something fun, outdoors, and available to everyone would happen again.

Finally! I can eat outside without bursting into flames…

Here in Kentucky, we pretty much skipped spring. The weather went from cold and snowy to above-freezing and rainy to so hot you will literally spontaneously combust upon walking outside in the span of 2 months or so.

Don’t get me wrong. I like summer. But it’s June 2nd and we’re already in the midst of a heat wave. Today, it was cool enough (relative term) to sit outside for lunch.


Later this evening this park will host Thursday Night Live and the fountain will be turned off… But I like it like this.