I’ve resolved this month to spend more time in nature. I started a new job in April that requires a longer commute so I’m in the car and/or my office a lot these days. That’s not really what led me to decide to get out more though. What really prompted this was my discovery that Google is tracking me. I know, I know. It’s creepy, corporate domination, big brother, rise of the machines, etc., etc.

It happened on June 1. I got a notification from Google Now (a service you have to enable to let Google track you) (I mean, they probably were anyway)(but maybe they’re not creepy and weren’t until I said they could?) that I had walked 3 miles in the month of May. That’s probably not super accurate because, according to the Google Now terms, Google only gets periodic updates (they claim anyway) and I don’t carry my phone with me every time I go for a walk (unsafe, I know), but that’s still a number that’s waaaaay too low for my taste.

So. This month I’ve decided to make sure that number is a bit higher and I’ve been trying to make sure I get at least half an hour of time in nature everyday. Usually that takes the form of a walk either with the bear dogs or the husband and baby. Sometimes it’s just some time playing in the yard and gardening with the baby. Sometimes its a lunchtime stroll across campus. The point isn’t really a specific activity. It’s to make sure I see some sunshine and get a little more movement in my life.

Thus far it’s going really well. All the time in nature is making me focus on things I wouldn’t have noticed before. Like that there’s a couple of wild ducks that hang out in my neighbors yard in the evening and that my dogs give the illusion of being really well trained when there’s other people around provided those other people aren’t also walking dogs. Here’s my favorite view from last night’s walk in the park near my house.

20140616_202954 (1)


Is it spring already?

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of March! Time really got away from me this winter and, at least according to Mother Nature today, it’s almost spring. It’s sunny and warm (almost 70!) here today, so S. and I took Baby S and the dogs to the park. Here’s how it went down…


Baby S. was initially not super excited about the park…


But later she was so excited she fell asleep in the ergo.


Oh well. The bear dogs were excited enough for all of us!

Hope you’re enjoying your almost spring Saturday as well!

2012: My top 5 list

I know most everyone has already done a year in review post. I wasn’t planning to do one because, well, I kind of hate year in review posts. I think they’re boring and repetitive because I’ve almost already read whatever the blogger is reviewing. But then I started thinking about 2012 and realized that I didn’t write about a lot of awesome things that happened to me over the past year. So, to kick off 2013 I’ve made a  top 5 of 2012 list. Here we go!

5. S. turns 30 and we realize we’re adults. Or maybe that was just me. Seriously, though. Coming to the realization that you’re an adult is a little scary.

4. I started running regularly. I’ve wanted to be a runner for a while now, but never had the discipline (or patience) to actually do it. See, I’ve always been more of an elliptical or stair climber gal. Or really just any machine with a TV and in an air conditioned building. Spring 2012 I did it for real though. I started running. Outside even!

3. My job turned into my career. I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but sometime over the last year it did. My thinking about my work shifted and, honestly, it’s surprising and awesome.

2. I found a little but of balance in my life. Balance between the things I love to do and things I feel obligated to do. Notice I didn’t say the things I hate doing. I can’t think of anything that I truly hate doing, just things that I enjoy less because I’m obligated to do them.

1. We’re having a baby! This is something we’ve been waiting for for a while now and I’m so excited it’s finally happening!



Christmas 2012… Please ignore the bear dogs trying to escape. 

All in all, 2012 was a pretty great year. Of course, it had its fair share of low points and those low points are going to stay with me into 2013 and 2014 and probably indefinitely. Regardless, the good outweighed the bad in 2012 and, really, what more can you ask for?  Not much, I think. Of course, the dream is a year-and a life-full of only good, but that’s unrealistic. So, this year I’m looking forward to a year that’s more sweet than bitter!

30-day Yoga Challenge: Day 2

Last night, I completed day 2 of the 30-day yoga challenge. I did it even though I was tired and a little cranky and I had a headache and my throat was scratchy (yay fall allergies!). And you know what? It was pretty fabulous.

Sukhasana. With a bear dog in the background.

Because I felt pretty physically down yesterday, I didn’t plan this practice out at all. I just did what felt right. And what felt right was a LOT of hip openers, tons of down-dogs,  and a few mild twists. Instead of my normal savasana, I ended with leg up the wall pose (I have no idea what the yoga name for that is). I’ve always really liked that pose, but it has just felt fabulous during pregnancy.

Even though this is only day 6 of continuous practice for me (I’ve been practicing daily since last Friday, but didn’t decide to start the challenge until Wednesday), I’m definitely feeling the benefits already. My back pain is less constant and my stress levels are definitely decreasing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow.

P.S. If you want to join in the challenge, just let me know in the comments and link up!

Baby Update!

Good Sunday morning, everyone! I just wanted to pop in before I head out to do my Sunday morning errands to give you a quick baby update.

I’m at 19 weeks right now. Everything is going well so far (no more emergency room visits) and I’m getting more comfortable with people asking me pregnancy questions. Until recently all the pregnancy questions have freaked me out because it’s such a personal and private thing. (I know. It’s weird for me to say that since I’ve been blogging about it, but it’s true.)

So, here’s the answers to the most common questions I’m getting.

1. I’m feeling great! I’m not sick anymore, I’m well rested (except for the having to re-sleep train the bear dogs. More on that later), and I have lots of energy (usually).

2. Yes. I’m still yoga-ing (more on that in a later post too), but my practice has changed.

3. We honestly haven’t really discussed names and we won’t be naming the baby before it’s born. So, when I tell you we haven’t thought of names, I’m not being coy. We really haven’t, but we do plan to come up with a few choices before January.

4. We don’t know the sex of the baby, but we are going to find out. Probably at my appointment next week. I don’t really having a preference, but I do  have a lot of  pink yarn that’s basically begging to be made into baby items. Of course, I do love a yarn shopping… so either way really.

5. I’m not sure if I can feel the baby move yet. I think so, but it could also be gas. It’s hard to tell. I’m hoping the baby will move a lot at my ultrasound this week so I can figure it out.

I think that about covers the everything, but if you’re wondering anything else, let me know. I’ll answer… as long as I don’t think it’s too personal.

Finally, here’s a pic of me and the bump. It’s getting bigger and, I think, cuter!

19 weeks. I think the stripes really bring out the bump.

Winter is coming!

This has been the summer that never ends.I know it’s only August, but I feel like summer started in March and has been going strong since. I’m not summer’s biggest fan, a fact that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, and, to tell you the truth, I’ve been feeling disheartened because I had become convinced that summer was actually never going to end.

Then, this morning I woke up, got ready to walk the bear dogs, and checked the temperature. It was 55 degrees. Yes. That’s Fahrenheit. I can’t tell you how much more energized that made me feel.  There’s a light at the end of this never-ending summer. I celebrated with a longer than normal dog walk and my favorite fall/winter breakfast.

The Bear Dogs preparing to bolt after a squirrel

You might remember that I made crock pot steel cut oatmeal once last winter. It was ugly, but delicious and definitely something I recommend when you want to wake up to breakfast. Since then I’ve been sparing myself the horribleness of cleaning cooked on oats out of a crock pot and just making it on the stove top. It’s just a delicious, a lot less ugly, and pretty easy. Here’s the method:

1. Round up your ingredients. I use soy milk, steel cut oats (obviously), craisins, walnuts, and apple pie spice.

2. Follow the directions on your steel cut oats for time and ratio of milk to oats. I always add the craisins in while the milk is boiling so that they get all plump and juicy. I also add a couple of sprinkles (maybe a 1/4 tsp) of apple pie spice at this stage.

3. After about 20 minutes, it’s done! Just dole it out into bowls, add some walnuts (or whatever nuts you have), a drizzle of honey, and enjoy!

All in all, this has been the perfect fall preview morning. Hope yours was too!

Lots O’Changes

Remember this?

That’s an example of the havoc of which the bear dogs are capable. This week (and probably for the next few) we’re FINALLY fixing some of their handiwork. That’s right. We’re getting new flooring!

My level of excitement about this is probably not normal. But, who cares? I’M SO EXCITED!

Right now there’s not much I can do to aid in the installation. S. is taking care of the carpet removal (Thanks to my friend J. for planting the idea that I could get tetanus from the old tacks), so basically all I’ve been doing is organizing things and deciding what goes into storage.  This is an example of how my house looks right now:


I’m super excited that we’re getting new floor, but the mess is kind of aggravating the hell out of me. I’m really hoping this project wraps up quickly, so I can show you guys some after pics!