Who interrupts my slumber?

Confession time: when Stella was born I never really had a period of sleep deprivation. I mean, for the first three weeks of her life the days and nights ran together with really no separation at all, but I slept whenever she did. So, while I may not have known whether it was 5pm or 5am, I wasn’t actually that sleepy, just confused.


Once she got her days and nights sorted out, it was smooth sailing. Sure, she woke up at night, but she went back to sleep quickly and I just napped with her during the day to make up for lost sleep. Then, miraculously, when she was about 6 weeks old, she started sleeping through the night. There have been a few hiccups since then. She doesn’t like sleeping unswaddled and now prefers sleeping with us to sleeping alone. Generally, though, Stella loves sleeping as much as we do.


Fast forward to today. Stella is six months old and I think I’m finally getting a taste of that infamous newborn sleep deprivation. Today is morning two of me waking up after only getting three hours of sleep a night. I know, I know it’s only two nights. But, seriously. This sucks.


I’m too tired to think of a clever ending or even just a conclusory sentence, so I’ll just end with a question. Anyone have any idea why my formerly sleep loving baby has suddenly decided sleep is the devil and can only happen in hour long increments during the night?



Five Months

Guys. It’s been five months (and a little more) since Stella was born.

DSCN0226Stella’s first time in her high chair 

Being a parent is awesome and overwhelming and hard and easy and wonderful and terrible and… all that and more all at once. Most of the time I’m in awe that I made a person and that that person is not a tiny baby any more. I mean, she is a tiny baby (even now at 5 months she only weighs a little more than 12 pounds) but she’s learning things and developing her own personality. It’s hard to accept and amazing to realize that she’s not just an extension of me. That she is actually an individual.

So what does this little individual like to do? She likes to grab things. She likes to put everything in her mouth all the time. She likes sitting up and rolling over and “petting” the dog.  She likes to make noise and she loves going for walks.


Most of all, though, she likes me. Don’t misunderstand. She likes Sean too, but I don’t think there’s any dispute that I’m her favorite.


Oh. And she love love loves her foot. Loves. It.

I’m simultaneously shocked that Stella is already 5 months old and shocked that she’s only five months old. She’s changed so much in these five months. She’s gone from a sleepy little new born to a wide awake active infant. Sigh. Excuse me while I go play with my infant and mourn the newborn she used to be.