Mornings with Martha

This is something that I never thought I’d say, but I love mornings! I hinted at the reason in my last post and here it is: I don’t work full-time anymore.

I never thought at any point in my life that having a baby would make me reevaluate my life so much. But it did. Shortly after returning from maternity leave, I realized I couldn’t continue to work full time and be the person I wanted to be. So, after lots of soul searching and discussions with my husband, I talked to my boss, who is very supportive of flexible work schedules. After more discussions, I started working an 80% schedule. What that means, practically speaking, is that I work from 10-4 everyday.

I’ve been working that schedule for about 6 weeks now and AWESOME. I’m much less stressed, I have more time with the family, more time for me, and, maybe not so surprisingly, I’m getting more done at work.

But this is the best part. This is how I spend my morning. With a cup of tea and sleeping baby.


I’m so grateful to have such an amazing and understanding employer.


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