Two Month Update!

Time flies! I can’t believe it’s already been (almost) two months since Baby S was born. Really. I legitimately can’t believe she’s that old already.

I know I didn’t do a  one month update (turns out having a newborn is time consuming. Who knew?), but she has changed so much since she was one m0nth old. She smiles all the time now, makes silly faces and coos, she tries to mimic whatever facial expressions we make, kicks her feet, reaches for things with her hands… the list goes on and on, but the point is this: she’s so much more active than she was a month ago. IMG_1429

Yesterday was her two month checkup at the pediatrician. She’s almost 22 inches tall now, meaning she’s grown three inches since she was born. To me that sounds like a lot, but it only puts her in the 10th percentile, so maybe not. She finally weighs 8lbs, meaning she finally gained a pound since birth. I’m a little worried that she so tiny, but the pediatrician isn’t. I guess she’s just going to be petite. She also got a couple of vaccines, which were terrible. For me, I mean. She seemed to forget about them quickly, even though she just wanted to be in her baby carrier for the rest of the day. Of course, I’m fine with her being in her carrier all day since I have a bit of separation anxiety about going back to work on Monday.


On a more fun and less anxiety inducing note, when I looked at the picture of her all mad and waving her arms around I realized that I had put rattles on her arms. Rattles that make rattling squeaky noises. In a house with two large dogs, I’ve made my child sound like a dog toy. Parenting fail.


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