Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

Um. So. Yeah.

I don’t even have words to say how crazy it is that I’m only 4 weeks away from being full term. My due date is in 26 days. Twenty. Six. Days.

That’s not very long from now.

I was planning to post a cute picture of me, but I keep forgetting to get S. to take one. So, I took this one today instead.



The belly and a bear dog.


This is my view when I look down. Do you see my feet? Cause I can’t. I hope they’re okay down there…

Here’s the meat and bones of the update:

How far along| 36 weeks, 2 days

Baby’s Size|  At 34 weeks the ultrasound tech said 5 lbs, but who knows?

Weight Gain| Roughly 20 pounds. I not trying to avoid this question. I just don’t have scale.

Sleep| Really good… between the hours of 2 am and 9 am. Which isn’t the best time to sleep when you have a 9-5 job.

Clothes| Maternity all the way. Except for yoga pants and leggings.

Cravings| None really.

Food Aversions| Mainly just pickles and things I’ve never liked.

Symptoms| Stuffy nose.

Movement| Lots. I think she’s doing somersaults.

Belly Button| Still in.

Highlight of the Week| Getting furniture moved into permanent places in the nursery.

What I miss|  Alcohol.  There’s so much alcohol involved in holiday celebrations.

Look for another update in a couple of weeks!



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