28 Week Update: Oh. My. God. It’s the Third Trimester.

Seriously, guys. I’m in the third trimester now.


How did we get here so soon? Everything suddenly seems like its moving very very quickly. Good quickly. but I still get a teensy bit freaked out when I think about how soon Baby S. will be here.

In other news, I’ve relieved S. of his photographer duties and have decided to self-photograph for a while. Maybe not the best picture of all time, but at least it’s not blurry, right? Anyway, let’s get to the updating….

How far along| 28 weeks, 4 days

Baby’s Size| ???  As of my 24 week ultrasound she weighed 1lb 9oz, but if she hasn’t gained weight since then, my weight gain is completely unjustified and not cool.

Weight Gain| At my appointment this week, 14 pounds. Yikes!

Sleep| Awesome most of the time. Especially since I’ve developed the pillow nest method of sleeping.

Clothes| About 70/30 mix. I still wear lots of non-maternity things, but maternity clothes (especially pants) win in the comfort department.

Cravings| Bananas, spinach, citrus, chocolate, and peanut butter. Related, I discovered the most delicious desert ever the other night: Toast with peanut butter and a handful of chocolate chips melted under the broiler.

Food Aversions| Broccoli and cabbage. Oh. And pickles. This hasn’t changed since last week.

Symptoms| None really. Except the moodiness, but I feel like the cold I’ve had this week is at least partially to blame for that. Also, my hair is super shiny…

Movement| So much. Love it, she’s getting a LOT stronger.

Belly Button| In.

Highlight of the Week| Two actually. First, cupcake tasting for my first baby shower with mom, my aunt, and the cousins. So much fun! Also, delicious cupcakes. If you’re in the market for cupcakes in Danville, Kentucky check out The Twisted Shifter. Next, deciding to hire a doula. I’m so very excited about it!

What I miss|  Alcohol. Why does it seem like every other person in the world is drinking except me? Oh. That’s right. Because they are.

Oh so slightly better bump picture.

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!



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