26 Week Update: Moving Aong


26 Weeks… Thanks to S. for yet another blurry picture.

Hey all! Just wanted to pop in to give a quick pregnancy update. I know it’s been a while… In fact, it looks like the last time I did an official pregnancy update was waaaay back at 20 weeks when we found out we’re having a girl! In an effort to answer any questions you might be having I’m blatently stealing a format I’ve seen from other bloggers who are pregnant.

How far along| Almost 27 weeks

Baby’s Size| ??? Hard to say. As of my 24 week ultrasound she weighed 1lb 9oz.

Weight Gain| ??? Hard to say. I don’t own a scale, so I don’t track this regularly. As of the 24 week appointment, I had officially gained 10 lbs.

Sleep| Generally good! Sometimes there’s problems with having to pee all.night.long. but that’s actually pretty normal for not pregnant Martha.

Clothes| For work clothes, I wear almost exclusively maternity clothes for tailoring and overall professionalism. But when it comes to home/casual/lounge-wear, the opposite is true–I still wear non-maternity leggings, yoga pants, running shorts and casual shirts.

Cravings| Spinach, chocolate, apples, cheese, salty things.

Food Aversions| Broccoli and cabbage. Oh. And pickles (more so than normal)

Symptoms| Ummm… I don’t know. Moodiness? Some back pain, but generally it’s not that bad.

Movement| Tons. She likes to move. The movement is weird, but I’m getting used to it finally.

Belly Button| In. Now that my bump is looking bump-ish, I’m worried that my former belly ring hole is going to split at some point. I don’t know why. Does that actually happen?

Highlight of the Week| Painting the baby’s room! Definitely the highlight, with a close second being going through hand-me-down baby things my mom and sister have sent me. I’m so grateful to have so much help and support in preparing to welcome the baby.

What I miss|  Not that much actually. Probably the two biggest things are backbends in my yoga practice and allergy meds. All the allergy meds make me super medicine head-ey lately.

Whew. That’s a lot of info! It seems impossible, but if you’re wondering about anything let me know in the comments.


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