Me and My Yoga Mat

If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you need a good mat. Lucky for you I’ve been practicing yoga for many many years and have a lot of experience with yoga mats.  Before I had a very regular practice, I used one mat for about 6 years. When my practice became more regular, I needed something that was sturdier and, well, just better. If you’re in the market for a new mat, you should check out this post from Eco Yogini for a great comparison of mats. She has definitely looked into this much more deeply than I have, but here’s my yoga mat experience.

You might have noticed in some of the pictures I’ve been posting that I have two yoga mats. In case you haven’t, here they are:

My purple Jade yoga mat

My teal Jade yoga mat

If you read those captions carefully, you noticed that I have two Jade yoga mats. At this point, you’re probably wondering why anyone needs two yoga mats at all, much less two yoga mats that are the same brand. Of course the answer is no one needs two yoga mats and this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever had more than one.

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 10 years; for the first 5-6 years of that time I practiced maybe 5 times a month and used the same $10 yoga mat for the entire time. When I decided to up the practice ante and started practicing more than once a week, I realized that at some point in my yoga mat’s life it had somehow gotten glass embedded in it. You know what’s not awesome? A yoga mat with glass in it.

Because I didn’t really like feeling glass in my hands during practice, I started shopping around for a mat that was sustainably produced (i.e. not made of plastic), not too heavy, and not too pricey.  All this lead me to jade yoga. That’s when I purchased the purple mat at the top. I used that mat for about 3 years with an almost daily practice. It held up really well, but was definitely starting to get worn in the most used spots. Last year, I asked for a new yoga mat for Christmas and my mother in law obliged by purchasing the teal jade yoga mat in the second picture. While I loved the purple mat (and still use it occasionally–it’s my downstairs/travel mat), I love love love the  teal mat. She purchased the extra long mat, which seemed a little useless at first because I’m not that tall, and it is amazing! I have so much room.

So in my experience, Jade yoga mats hold up really well in regular 5-6 day a week yoga practice schedule. I like the way they feel and I like the grippy-ness. All in all, this is the mat I recommend to people when they ask what mat to buy(and yes, people me this kind of a lot).

P.S. Jade Yoga didn’t ask me to write this post and they definitely give me anything free to try (although I wouldn’t be upset if they did…). Everything in here is my own opinion. 


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