30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 7

Whew. Yesterday was busy! Luckily it was planned busy. I knew what my work to-do looked like, I knew that on Tuesday nights I volunteer at the Carnegie Center, and I knew that we had an appointment to visit a day care center yesterday evening (it was awesome btw). So, I did something very responsible. I woke up at 6:30 and I made myself actually GET OUT OF BED. And then, I pulled out the yoga mat and actually did a morning yoga practice.

Guys. Of all the things I did yesterday, including looking at day care and signing court filings, planning my yoga practice ahead of time is the thing that made me feel most like an adult. I don’t know about you, but usually when I’m busy I either squeeze in a harried yoga practice (or run or gym session) at the end of the day. Not yesterday. Yesterday, I planned ahead, took initiative, and had a very enjoyable practice that I honestly got more out of than I would have if I had waited until the end of the day when I exhausted and rushed. I’m so, possibly unjustifiably, proud of myself for this.

So, how was the actual practice? I did a prenatal energizing flow from yogaglo.com and it was pretty much a perfect morning flow. Not too difficult, but challenging enough to get the blood flowing and energy up.


Down Dog. Ignore the crappiness of the photo, please. 

After the practice, I felt fabulous all day long.  I liked this practice so much, I’ve got a plan to do it again tomorrow morning.  In fact, I highly recommend this practice, or really any other morning yoga practice. Just get out of bed and do it!


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