30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 6

Look at this guys! An actual picture of me doing some yoga! Thanks to S. (who just told me he doesn’t actually read the blog and will never know that I’m saying thanks) for jumping back on the photography train.


Half-Moon pose. Ignore S.’s knee and laptop in the corner.

So. My form is definitely not the best in this picture, but what can I say? I’m almost 7 months pregnant, still doing half-moon pose, and, surprisingly loving half-moon. I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned this before, but half-moon is one of my nemesis poses. It’s never been a super comfortable for me, thanks to my super-tight hamstrings. During pregnancy though, it’s been fabulous. Helps with the low back pain (don’t know why) and makes me feel balanced. Pro-tip: It’s even better against the wall.

Yesterday’s practice did involve half-moon pose (as the balancing pose), but was really more focused on light twists and chest openers. I’ve been feeling a bit of fatigue lately, even though I’ve been sleeping like crazy amounts,  and a little foggy (mentally). So for yesterday’s practice,  I tried to incorporate poses that would make me feel more energized. For me, and maybe everyone else (I don’t know. I’m not a yoga teacher) those poses are chest and heart openers, side bends, and twists. Obviously, those things have to be modified for pregnancy, but even with modifications, they helped! I feel a thousand times more energized.

If you’re new to the challenge, check here for updates on how the challenge has been going so far. And, if you’re doing you’re own challenge, let me know in the comments, so I can follow along.

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