30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3

I did it guys! I broke the six day barrier!

Beyond that, the challenge was definitely a challenge last night. My practice was great! I did an Upper Back Strengthening prenatal class through yogaglo.com. This was an absolutely fabulous class. Restful and a bit flow-ey. And, to make it even better, I finally learned the prenatal version of one of my favorite hip openers: figure four stretch. Here it is:

Prenatal Figure Four Stretch

Seems easy enough, right? I don’t know why I hadn’t figured that out on my own. I blame baby brain. Yes. That’s a real thing. Google it.

Anyway, the challenge part of this challenge today was taking the picture. In case you hadn’t guessed this, I don’t take the pictures for the blog myself. Nope. You can blame the poor quality of the pics on S. Today, he was pretty much unwilling to be the photographer and it took lots of coercion and several photo shoots to get a picture of me that looked like a picture of an actual person who was also doing yoga. I guess I can’t blame him for being reluctant. He did stay up all night last night playing a video game.

My thoughts on day 3 of the challenge are pretty straightforward: I feel amazing. I’m calm, relaxed, and energized all at once. If a daily yoga practice could cure my allergies, I would feel absolutely perfect! My only concern is what tomorrow holds? Will day 8 of continuous practice be as difficult to complete as day 7 normally is? I feel like the answer is no, but I’ll update tomorrow.

As always, feel free to post a link to your own challenge in the comments.

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