30-day Yoga Challenge: Day 2

Last night, I completed day 2 of the 30-day yoga challenge. I did it even though I was tired and a little cranky and I had a headache and my throat was scratchy (yay fall allergies!). And you know what? It was pretty fabulous.

Sukhasana. With a bear dog in the background.

Because I felt pretty physically down yesterday, I didn’t plan this practice out at all. I just did what felt right. And what felt right was a LOT of hip openers, tons of down-dogs,  and a few mild twists. Instead of my normal savasana, I ended with leg up the wall pose (I have no idea what the yoga name for that is). I’ve always really liked that pose, but it has just felt fabulous during pregnancy.

Even though this is only day 6 of continuous practice for me (I’ve been practicing daily since last Friday, but didn’t decide to start the challenge until Wednesday), I’m definitely feeling the benefits already. My back pain is less constant and my stress levels are definitely decreasing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow.

P.S. If you want to join in the challenge, just let me know in the comments and link up!


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