30-Day Yoga Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to do yoga everyday for 30 days. I KNOW. This is crazy, right? We all know that the longest span I’ve ever practiced yoga at one stretch is a whooping 6 days. That’s not to say I have a super sporadic practice, it’s just that something always happens on that seventh day and I just don’t make the time for yoga.

But that all changes now. For the next 30 days, I will practice yoga for at least 20 minutes a day. And, to give myself some accountability, I”ll post a pic of myself doing that everyday.

Guys. I KNOW. Yoga and a blog post everyday? Unheard of.

You might be wondering, because of my previous lack of consistency in blogging and my 7-day yoga block, why on earth I’ve decided to do this. I got the idea from Skinny Emmie, who is currently doing her own 30-day yoga challenge. Her challenge involves doing a specific pose and posting pictures of that everyday. I like the idea of that challenge, but I know me. If my challenge is to document my practice with one specific pose everyday, I”ll just do that one pose and call it day. So, I modified and made my own challenge.

Tree Pose at 25 weeks! Also, new hair cut and color. 

I started my challenge yesterday (October 10). This practice started as a generic low back pain class from yogaglo. Low back pain has pretty much been my only real pregnancy complaint, so I usually try to incorporate yoga postures to alleviate that into my practice. I’ll admit, I got bored about 5 minutes into this class, so I turned it off and did my own thing for a bit. And, yes, my own thing included tree pose, which happens to be one of my all time favorite poses. Even though this practice didn’t turn out the way I thought it might, it was actually better. By the end, my back pain was gone, my hamstrings were stretched, and I felt balanced again. That’s what a good yoga practice does for you.

Check in tomorrow for the next update!



5 thoughts on “30-Day Yoga Challenge

  1. I have been trying to convince myself to get started on some yoga but like you I get bored. I think my own challenge is in order. Good luck with yours!

    • Thanks! You should do your own challenge and, if you get bored, try a higher level class. I think that was my problem yesterday.

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