Got Brunch? A restaurant review

Ah, brunch. The best meal of the day. I’ve often talked about how I love breakfast and how its my favorite meal of the day. So, it should come as no surprise that on the beautiful first day of fall we had yesterday, I wanted to go out for brunch. Especially when I remembered that a new breakfast/brunch/restaurant had opened up down the street from my house.I’ve been excited about this new place for months now (pretty much as soon as I saw the sign announcing it was coming). While my side of town has a ton of mediocre chain restaurants for dinner there are actually zero places, local or otherwise, that serve breakfast and/or brunch.  Of course, I was excited to go to brunch without driving across town.

I was disappointed.

The new place, a chain called First Watch, wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t awesome either. It was just… meh.

The menu looks really delicious, but our food could have been better. S. ordered a hash with poached eggs, that were waaaaay overdone, and pesto hollandaise. which was very tasty.

Overdone eggs + delicious pesto hollandaise = disappointing dish

My meal wasn’t bad. The omelet was fluffy and the side of potatoes I got was fabulous. But overall it just wasn’t great.

It was very pretty…

Despite, this very lackluster first experience I’ll give it another chance. I really wanted to try the pancakes, but talked myself out of it at the last minute. This is really a very odd review for me. I don’t feel like I can really recommend you guys go to this place. But. It wasn’t so terrible that I feel like I should tell you not to go.

So… basically, I guess if you really want some brunch that’s not super expensive and is pretty okay, try this place? Maybe?


2 thoughts on “Got Brunch? A restaurant review

  1. Well that’s sad:(. We are lucky in Louisville to have many brunch spots, maybe I can convince the owners to open a location in Lexington, and one near your house 😉

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