Knitting season is upon us!

I love fall. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it can’t be said enough. Fall is my favorite season (with winter being a close second). I mean, I don’t hate spring and summer. I just prefer being cozy and a bit chilly to feeling damp and/or unbearably hot at all times.  As an added bonus, fall is when I really get into my knitting groove.

This year I’m knitting most, if not all, of my Christmas presents. (Sorry for ruining the surprise, friends and family…) I know. I’ve been saying this for years. But this year is different. Yes, I know I’ve said that before too. But really. This year I’m organized. Maybe this is some misplaced nesting instinct, but last night I sat down planned out all my Christmas knitting projects AND organized and indexed my yarn.

Yeah. I feel accomplished. That’s what you were thinking when you read that, right? That I’m super accomplished at organizing and not that I probably having some weird manifestation of OCD relating to yarn?

What did I learn from this exercise? I have a ton of yarn. And that I need to start knitting Christmas projects immediately. And that when I finish those knitting projects, I’ll probably love them so much that I won’t want to actually give them to anyone. Oh well. We’ll tackle that problem when it comes up.

As for the start knitting right away issue, I did. After I finished all my planning, organizing, and cataloging, I picked up my needles, turned on Clueless (, and started knitting. But it wasn’t a Christmas project.

It’s a baby hat!

This is my first baby project. And, yes, I made a baby knitting project list too… So, it will not be the last baby project. But I’m super excited about it. Making baby things is so fun because they knit up so quickly. So quickly, that I should be able to finish it today and post an updated photo tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday!



2 thoughts on “Knitting season is upon us!

  1. Oh my goodness you are so organised! I’ll take a cue from you. My friend’s due in November and I need to get cracking on the gift I want to make her, plus a birthday present to get done for November (busy month!) and then obviously Christmas (super busy!)

    Anyway – this afternoon I’ll definitely be getting a dvd out and making a start with the knitting – good luck, and keep us posted!

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