Oops. I’ve made a honey boo-boo.

Back in May/early June,when I found I was pregnant, I went on a pregnancy book buying and reading spree. I read approximately 5 books about pregnancy (and plan to review them for you soon; some of them were much much better than others) and checked all of them pretty religiously when any new symptom appeared. You know, like a completely sane person.

As part of my fanatical book reading research, I consulted the books to find out what I could and couldn’t eat. Of course, my OB also gave me a list (since I’m a vegetarian, my list is basically just unpasteurized dairy), but I still felt the need to double check all.the.time. Despite this, the one item that wasn’t covered in any of my books or by my OB and that I didn’t even think about checking on is honey. I eat kinda a lot of honey (I don’t eat refined sugar, so I use honey to sweeten most things I eat regularly), so I can’t believe I never researched it. This morning, though, I found this post from the Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Bodies. As it turns out, honey is safe in pregnancy, but the recommendation is to use grocery store honey because its guaranteed to be pasteurized.

And that’s awesome. Except. I don’t eat grocery store honey. I don’t think it tastes great and I prefer to buy local honey as it helps (ever so slightly) with my allergy symptoms. What’s a girl to do? Frankly, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll probably find a honey substitute for the next several months.

So… any honey substitute suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Oops. I’ve made a honey boo-boo.

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