Remembering 9/11

Every year it seems like we do the same things to remember 9/11. While I know discussing the terrible events of that day and the months and years that followed helps us all with our grief, I don’t think anyone wants to hear where I was, what I was doing, or how I felt when I heard the news. Again. For at least the 10th time. (If I’m wrong and you do, let me know).

That’s why I felt a bit…¬†relieved? That’s not the right word. Anyway, when I saw the new post at Bricks + Mortar today, I felt that it was a refreshing (ah. that’s the right word!) change from the traditional 9/11 post and wanted to share it with you. R. talks about 9/11 from the perspective of historical preservation and discusses how losing the physical buildings effected us. It’s an interesting and unconventional take on the day. Check it out!


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