I’ve been having some problems with patience lately. Some pretty major problems. It seems like now is never the time when what I want to happen is actually going to happen. The thing is, this is a pretty new feeling for me. I’m not saying I’m normally the most patient person in the world, but it seems like I never really want something that I isn’t in my power to get or make happen pretty immediately. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying in that last sentence. I don’t have the means to buy everything I want when I want it. What I mean is that usually when I want things, those things are generally things that I do have the means to buy or things whose existence is within my control.

For the last several weeks, the things that I want to happen and that I’m looking forward to are entirely not within my control in terms of timing or, well, anything. I don’t want to bore you guys with the details of the list (it includes the new iphone and other such very important items), but I do want to share one thing that is finally going to happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow, after what seems like an eternity, we’re going to find out the sex of the baby. I mean, if everything goes as expected with the ultrasound we’ll find out the sex of the baby. The funny thing is, I didn’t want to know sex of the baby before birth until about 6 weeks ago. In fact, I was pretty adamant that we wouldn’t find out; I mean, baby boy or baby girl, it’s still a baby. Why find out ? But S. really wanted to know and he talked me into it too. Just like that, I didn’t just want to know, I wanted to know immediately. Needless to say, these last 6 weeks or so have just crawled by.

Now that the day is upon us, I’m unexpectedly nervous.

And excited.

And impatient.

Mostly impatient.

How do you deal with this? What’s the secret to being more patient?


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