Wuthering Heights Read-Along

A while back I was in a book club. We did really well for a bit; we meet regularly usually discussed the book for a minute or two, drank a lot of wine…. Then, we all got busy and the meetings became less regular until they just stopped. Of course, this might be my fault. Maybe I was in charge of organizing the last meeting? Oops. I guess I should do that… 18 months later.

Since that book club kind of fizzled out of existence, I’ve missed having reading buddies (and a reason to read books that aren’t just a bit trashy). You can imagine how excited I was when a twitter friend, ninjyjd, blogged that she was joining a Wuthering Heights read-along. Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favorite books and it’s been too long since I’ve given it a read. So, of course, I looked into a signed up to participate in the read-along, sponsored by Unputdownables.

The read-along is 8 week long, which is a very do-able time frame for keeping up with the reading, and includes a handy-dandy reading schedule.


Beginning Friday, September 1st and ending Friday, October 26th. 


Week #/ Where to Stop (For example, in week one STOP and place your bookmark at Chapter V.)

Week One/ Chapter V
Week Two/ Chapter X
Week Three/ Chapter XII
Week Four/ Chapter XVI
Week Five/ Chapter XX
Week Six/ Chapter XXIV
Week Seven/ Chapter XXX
Week Eight/ The End


Post #/ date post should be up on blog:

Start up Post/ Today!
Week One/ September 7th
Week Two/ September 14th
Week Three/ September 21st
Week Four/ September 28th
Week Five/ October 5th
Week Six/ October 12th
Week Seven/ October 19th
Week Eight/ October 26th (Final Review)

I plan to post my thoughts mainly on the Unputdownables site, but will probably post a couple of posts here too. If you love Wuthering Heights or even if you’ve never read it, you should join in as well.


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