Baby Update!

Good Sunday morning, everyone! I just wanted to pop in before I head out to do my Sunday morning errands to give you a quick baby update.

I’m at 19 weeks right now. Everything is going well so far (no more emergency room visits) and I’m getting more comfortable with people asking me pregnancy questions. Until recently all the pregnancy questions have freaked me out because it’s such a personal and private thing. (I know. It’s weird for me to say that since I’ve been blogging about it, but it’s true.)

So, here’s the answers to the most common questions I’m getting.

1. I’m feeling great! I’m not sick anymore, I’m well rested (except for the having to re-sleep train the bear dogs. More on that later), and I have lots of energy (usually).

2. Yes. I’m still yoga-ing (more on that in a later post too), but my practice has changed.

3. We honestly haven’t really discussed names and we won’t be naming the baby before it’s born. So, when I tell you we haven’t thought of names, I’m not being coy. We really haven’t, but we do plan to come up with a few choices before January.

4. We don’t know the sex of the baby, but we are going to find out. Probably at my appointment next week. I don’t really having a preference, but I do  have a lot of  pink yarn that’s basically begging to be made into baby items. Of course, I do love a yarn shopping… so either way really.

5. I’m not sure if I can feel the baby move yet. I think so, but it could also be gas. It’s hard to tell. I’m hoping the baby will move a lot at my ultrasound this week so I can figure it out.

I think that about covers the everything, but if you’re wondering anything else, let me know. I’ll answer… as long as I don’t think it’s too personal.

Finally, here’s a pic of me and the bump. It’s getting bigger and, I think, cuter!

19 weeks. I think the stripes really bring out the bump.

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