I’ve officially been on vacation since Friday and it has been absolutely fabulous. We’ve been sleeping in, walking on the beach, eating fabulous meals, laying on the beach, I’ve been yoga-ing, and… just generally doing things at our own pace. You know. Like you do on vacation.

While it’s been amazing and I’m having a wonderful time, just doing whatever we feel like doing whenever doesn’t make for much blog fodder. I mean, I could go on and on about how much I’m enjoying taking 3-4 mile beach walks everyday and detail all the shells we’ve collected and how I got a terrible sunburn yesterday, but, frankly, I think I’m the only one who wants to relive all that. So, here’s some pictures I’ve snapped with the ol’iphone.

View from our room

First time on the beach

Our “homemade” beach chairs. Surprisingly comfortable.

S. watching a storm roll in

Me on the remnants of a sand castle… it was impossible not to get my belly in the shot.

The beach at dawn.

I’m off to enjoy another day lounging on the beach. Hope yours is just as enjoyable!


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