Dressed for Success: Maternity Edition

For the last several weeks, since my clothing started getting uncomfortably tight, I’ve been searching for office appropriate maternity wear. I assumed that such things would not be difficult to find. You know, since its 2012 and most women work these days. Silly me.

Apparently, designers think that pregnant women lounge around all day in yoga pants, tee shirts, and maxi dresses. And don’t misunderstand me, I really wish I could wear maxi dresses, yoga pants, and tee shirts to work everyday. But I can’t. Because I’m a lawyer and I work in an office where I’m expected to dress like a lawyer. Also,  judges don’t appreciate it when lawyers show up to court in a tee shirt and yoga pants.

I don’t want to malign all maternity designers. I have managed to find some that make office appropriate clothing (no suits yet though, what’s up with that??). Unfortunately, the office appropriate maternity wear usually has a much higher price tag than my lowly associate’s paycheck can support. So, I’ve purchased a couple of basic items and have been getting creative. Since, the interwebs are woefully (and surprisingly) lacking in maternity office-wear suggestions, particularly for those of us in careers with more professional dress codes, I’ve decided to share my outfits in hopes that others in the same situation might get some ideas.



Yesterday was just a normal day in the office. No client meetings, no hearings, no depositions. The kind of day where I just sit and write all day. Really, my favorite kind of day. Days like that don’t require suits or jackets, just that you look nice in case something unexpected comes up.

Pencil Skirt: Isabella Oliver, $99 (but I got it on sale)

Top: French Connection, purchased at Marshall’s several years ago

Shoes: Alfani, purchased at Macy’s several years ago


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