Lots O’Changes

Remember this?

That’s an example of the havoc of which the bear dogs are capable. This week (and probably for the next few) we’re FINALLY fixing some of their handiwork. That’s right. We’re getting new flooring!

My level of excitement about this is probably not normal. But, who cares? I’M SO EXCITED!

Right now there’s not much I can do to aid in the installation. S. is taking care of the carpet removal (Thanks to my friend J. for planting the idea that I could get tetanus from the old tacks), so basically all I’ve been doing is organizing things and deciding what goes into storage.  This is an example of how my house looks right now:


I’m super excited that we’re getting new floor, but the mess is kind of aggravating the hell out of me. I’m really hoping this project wraps up quickly, so I can show you guys some after pics!


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