More than you wanted to know… probably.

I know it’s been a while since I posted (since May 10th to be exact). And I’m sorry for that, but there’s a very good reason.

Shortly after my last post, I found out that I’m pregnant!

Obviously, I’m pretty excited. Okay that’s an understatement… I’m SUPER excited. So excited that I wanted to tell everyone as soon as I found out. The practical side of me decided that spreading the news immediately was probably not the best idea ever, so I decided to wait. Because I didn’t trust myself to not blog about it (and also because I was so tired I went to sleep pretty much as soon as I got home everyday), I took a blogging vacation. Now that I’m back (maybe not consistently), I’ll try to write about something other than babies sometimes. But not this post. This post is going to be all about the baby.

Based on the questions people usually ask, these are the things you’re probably wondering right now:

1. The baby’s due sometime in the middle/end of January. The actual date right now is January 23rd, but, of course, that will probably change.

2. That makes me almost 4 months pregnant.

3. We’ll probably find out the gender but it’s not time yet.

4. We’re not thinking of any names yet.

5. Yes, I had morning sickness. No, it wasn’t the worst ever. Yes, I feel much better now (and more well rested).

I really want to include some ultrasound pics to wrap this up, but I also kinda hate it when people post ultrasound pictures because I can never see anything except for shapeless blobs and always feel like I have to pretend I see a human.  I’ll refrain to save you guys that awkwardness, even though I can totally see an actual baby in my own ultrasound. Instead, here’s a picture of me from a couple of weeks ago!

 13 weeks!


3 thoughts on “More than you wanted to know… probably.

  1. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 1st and very excited! The morning sickness is worse than I imagined.The other day i threw up when my hubby mentioned Chicken. I could go on complaining about every thing that makes us all sick but here is what has helped me. Sea bands- for the wrists found em on line and at CVS. Saltieens and Gatoraid. Wint-o-mints from lifesavers. LOTS OF SLEEP. I don’t care what anyone thinks if I am able to take a nap then I do. I work midnights and the nausea is worse when I don’t take a nap before work- yesterday I took two and slept a total of 13 hours and my morning sickness was the least it has been in a while. If you have other children- ship them off to grandma’s so you can take a nap!

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