Calming Knits

As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s been a rough few days for me and my family. On that subject, thanks so much to everyone who offered their support.

I’ve been dealing with the stress in various ways, running, ignoring the situation, and knitting. It’s hard to share evidence of how much I’ve been running, but it’s pretty easy to show you my knitting progress.

For most of the week I’ve been working on this Clapotis pattern from knitty. It’s super easy and doesn’t really require that much attention, so it’s good for situations when you might have to toss it to the side to grab an infant who’s trying to crawl out the front door or hug someone. Those are, of course, completely non-specific examples.

This is my second time with this pattern and, after running out of yarn while sick knitting during my pneumonia convalescence, I made sure that I got more yardage than I needed for the pattern. Great idea. Except apparently this yarn is shrinking as I knit it because now I’m not even halfway through and almost finished with my entire stash of this color. So, I’ve spent the morning scouring the internet for a discontinued yarn color. I’ve found exactly two stores on the entire internet that have it. Geez.

Since I’m basically out of yarn for the Clapotis until reinforcements arrive, I’m also working on a Cat’s Paw Lace wrap.

If you recognize this project, it’s because I’ve been working on it since April 2011That’s right. I’ve been working on it for an entire year. Basically this project has been the bane of my existence for a year. Since it’s lace I can’t work on it anytime that I need to talk to people or pay attention to anything other than knitting. So basically, it’s been impossible to finish this project. Good news, though, I think I’m going to be finished with it soon!

For now, those are the only things I have on my needles. Of course, depending on when the yarn reinforcements arrive or when my need for the calming power of knitting fades, that could change.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and words.



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