Well. That was weird.

As you may have noticed I took  a bit of a vacation from blogging. Like a six month vacation.


I wish I could take a real-life vacation that long.

I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but I have been thinking about blogging a lot the last couple of months. Thinking. Obviously, not actually doing it. I don’t want this to turn into a post where I’m basically apologizing for abandoning the blog for six whole months, so let’s just say life got in the way. And then, when life wasn’t as much in the way anymore, I was afraid to start blogging again because I was certain that the internet hated me for taking such a long break and no one would read anything I wrote ever again.

You can imagine my surprise when I logged into wordpress this morning for the first time in six months and discovered that the internet doesn’t hate me and you guys have been reading the entire time I was taking my little not so restful vacation! I was shocked. So, before I get into what I was going to post about today, I just wanted to say thank you all so much! You ROCK.

The reason I logged in today is that it’s Earth Day! You might have noticed last year that I really like Earth Day.  I think it’s related to growing up absolutely surrounded by nature and seeing the super gross effects of people not caring about it… I’m looking at you, diaper trees*. Anyway, while I was browsing twitter and my bloglovin feed this morning, I came across a few great Earth Day links I wanted to share.

*I tried to find a picture of a diaper tree for those of you not familiar with the term, but apparently people actually shape disposable diapers into trees now for baby showers and that’s all the entire internet has on this subject. That is NOT what I meant. The diaper trees I was referring to are the trees that line streams and are covered with used disposable diapers after flash floods. Very different. Only a little less weird.  

First, this post from Bohemian Mom about how to be “green” without being extreme. I love to see tips like this!

Next up, from Eco-Yogini book reviews of three how-to-live-an-eco-friendly-life books. I’ll be checking at least one of these out from the local library. (If you’re curious, the one I’m most interested in is “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick”)

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter (do it now @marthaisbliss), you probably don’t know that I’ve started running. And stuck with it. Except for when I had pneumonia. I promise all that still has to do with Earth Day. And here’s how: Runner’s World had a helpful for people who run long distances (not me) list of how to be earth friendly today.

And finally, some Earth Day Humor from someecards:

I'm hoping our observance of Earth Day will make polar bears hate us less.

Thanks again for sticking with me and Happy Earth Day!

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