Chai Tea Lattes

In the fall and winter, I like spicy teas. And by spicy I mean like cinnamon and nutmeg not like jalapenos. Anyway, during this time of the year my go to afternoon/late morning Starbucks drink is a Chai Tea Latte. One day last week, I received some very disturbing news.

Apparently, the Chai Tea Latte doesn’t actually have chai tea in it.

That’s right. There’s no chai tea in the chai tea latte. I’ll let that sink in.

I discovered this when I asked a pretty confused looking barista (baristo? what’s the masculine version?) if I could have my latte without sweetner. He responded that I couldn’t because they use chai flavored syrup to make the chai tea latte. I was speechless. And confused.

Anyway. After some discussion with my local baristas (what’s the plural? why is this word so hard?), I figured out that the way to order a chai tea latte that is actually made of chai tea is to request a brewed tea misto. It’s hard, needlessly confusing, and apparently a secret, so I thought I’d share.

Good luck and enjoy your “real” chai tea latte.


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