Christmas Shopping

I’m a big Black Friday shopper. It’s always been a thing that the women in my family do together. When I was a kid, I anxiously awaited the day that I could go with my mom and my grandma and aunts and older cousins. In recent years, though, Black Friday has gotten crazy. Some people actually start shopping in the middle of the night. Ridiculous.

My MO is to scope out the sales the day before, decide what (and who) I’m looking for, and make a plan to get in and get out as fast as possible.  And bby as soon as possible, I mean start about 6:30-ish. Not start at 3 am and be exhausted all day. Generally, we can usually be finished (or mostly finished) by mid morning and go for brunch. It’s actually pretty awesome.

The last few years (since I started law school) I haven’t really partaken in the Black Friday ritual. Money has been tight, but more than that, time has been tight.  This year I have a Christmas shopping plan (so that I’m not freaking out on December 23rd) and, yes, it involves Black Friday shopping. But it also involves making a lot of gifts because, lets face it, money’s tight for everyone these days.

My plan this year is different than my gift giving strategy in past years. I used to just make a list of people I wanted to get gifts for and then buy something I thought that person might like. As I get older (and more environmentally friendly), I’ve started to put more thought into what I give people. I want to give something that my recipient is going to really cherish, not something they’ll politely thank me for, put in the top of their coat closet, and send to the yard sale next summer (or the trash). So this year,  to save money, time, and stress, I’ll be doing a lot of baking for some recipients, knitting for some, and mixing in some store bought things for others.

What’s your strategy for gift giving this year?

P.S. This post was the inspiration for this topic.

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