Spicy Black Bean Soup

I’ve been trying to use my crockpot more lately since I’ve been working late and haven’t had very much time to cook. But I have a fear of leaving the crockpot on when I’m not home (I know. That’s the entire point of the thing), so I’ve been crockpot-ing on the weekend.

This weekend I made Spicy Black Bean Soup. It was kinda a lot of trouble. First, I had to soak the black beans (for hours). Then I forgot to put gloves on while I was chopping jalapenos and got jalapeno oil in my eye (don’t worry, I’m not blind). But it was worth it. That soup was delish! And the recipe makes so much soup that I have leftovers for the week.

It’s a win-win… well, except for the jalapeno eye situation…


A weekend in Asheville

I spent last weekend in Asheville, North Carolina. It was my first time there, but it won’t be my last.

Before I left a co-worker said “Oh you’ll love Asheville. It’s full of hippies.” And she was right. Asheville is full of my people.

That has absolutely nothing to do with why I was in Asheville. It’s just an interesting aside that Asheville is full of hippies. My experience living in the Appalachians involved a distinct lack of hippies. Hm.


I went to Asheville with a cousin (really with 5 cousins), my mom, my sister, and my niece and nephew to go to a Fiber Festival (for those less into “fiber” it was a yarn festival). Apparently this one is kinda a big deal; it even has it’s own website.  Despite the fact that this thing was essentially an arena full of yarn, it was pretty awesome. The kids (all 4 of them) loved the animals and I was too overwhelmed by the all the yarn to buy anything.

The youngest festival attendant thought the sheep were hilarious

Baby Alpacas are sooo cute

The big attraction, though, was not the fiber festival. It was the Biltmore.

If I had walked to the top of the hill before the sun started setting, this  would be a better picture. 

I had so much fun there! Even with 4 kids who were sleepy, the Biltmore was awesome. I can’t wait until I can go back and spend the entire day there.

I’ll leave you with the other big attraction of the weekend.

The Mountains.

Ah. The mountains in fall. 

A day in the life

On Wednesday, day two of my time off work last week, I decided to do a photograph diary of my day. I was going to post it on Thursday, but then life intervened and I slept all day.  So, three days later, this is how I spent my Wednesday.

Morning coffee with the bear dog.

Giant spider that I almost sat my jacket on.

The bear cub hunting moles. She caught three and I was traumatized.

                              Bear dog protecting me from the unknown and probably evil object (aka a normal flat tire)

Blocking a scarf… for the first time!

R. displaying the weirdest looking sweet potato (or yam?) we’ve ever seen.

Dinner (Spaghetti Squash) and Dessert (chocolate chip muffins).