I’m using the library again!

Bedbugs be damned!

Remember how I mentioned that kinda sorta have a crippling fear of bedbugs and that said crippling fear was going to prevent be from using the public library ever again and that I was pretty bummed about that? Well, thanks to amazon FINALLY allowing kindle books to be loaned, I’m using the library again!

I am so excited about this. Last week when the kindle library lending program opened up, I was massively disappointed because it looked like the public library in town wasn’t going to be doing kindle lending. So, I did a couple of internet searches and found the coolest thing: Kentucky Libraries Unbound. From what I can gather, this site is a consortium of roughly 50 (I just estimated that number from the drop down list) county libraries that allows customers of those libraries to download ebooks (not just kindle books) using their library card. Unfortunately, my county wasn’t on the list and I was once again massively disappointed.

Long story short, my library’s site started including kindle books the next day and all is right with the world now. In fact, I just checked out my first kindle library book about 10 minutes ago. I was honestly surprised at how easy it was; the check out period is pretty short (only 7 days), but it’s still a HUGE leap for readers.

So, if you have an e-reader (or any kindle app/program), check out either your local library’s site or Kentucky Libraries Unbound. This is a great way to get new reading material for free(!) without even leaving your house.


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