I like real books too…

I think yesterday’s post might have given some people the wrong idea. I do have a kindle (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE), but my love for my kindle hasn’t dulled my love for real books. In fact, I still buy books that I can physically hold. I’m just more selective about them. Now, instead of buying every paperback that looks slightly interesting, I only buy books that I know I really love. It’s really helping my bookshelf be a lot more manageable.

To be honest, getting a kindle was not the easiest decision for me. Well… if I’m really being honest, it wasn’t a decision at all. Here’s the story:

I got the Hubby one for Christmas last year because I thought he would love the tech gadget factor of it. Because I wasn’t sure if he would like it, I talked about it a lot to gauge his response. Apparently, all my talking up of the kindle made Hubby think that I really really wanted one. So, he got me one for Christmas last year too!

As it turns out, I do really love my kindle. The screen actually looks like the page of a book and I can read for hours on it. I carry with me everyday so that I can read during lunch (if I have time). The only downside for me is that the kindle is not helping my tendency to read approximately 7 books at one time. Since I can carry all 7 at the same time… well things have gone downhill on that front. I think I am actually in the middle of reading 4 different books right now.

All of this is to get to this point: I just read on cnn.com that Amazon is expected to announce a tablet version of the kindle. At first, I was excited/bummed. Excited because I love electronic  gadgets and bummed because I don’t think I can justify buying a new kindle when mine is only a year old. And then I read the story. The new tablet isn’t going to have the same screen! It’s going to be a “glowing LED screen.” The screen is the main reason I chose the kindle over all the other e-readers (that and the price) and I’m pretty disappointed that amazon is doing away with it now.

I guess I should be happy that the screen is changing… that guarantees that I will not be tempted to buy another kindle gadget this year!

I’m interested to know how others feels about the e-reader situation. Are you pro-e-reader or do you think they’re ruining the world? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle?

UPDATE: Amazon has now officially released the new kindle lineup. And now I want the kindle touch.


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