I like real books too…

I think yesterday’s post might have given some people the wrong idea. I do have a kindle (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE), but my love for my kindle hasn’t dulled my love for real books. In fact, I still buy books that I can physically hold. I’m just more selective about them. Now, instead of buying every paperback that looks slightly interesting, I only buy books that I know I really love. It’s really helping my bookshelf be a lot more manageable.

To be honest, getting a kindle was not the easiest decision for me. Well… if I’m really being honest, it wasn’t a decision at all. Here’s the story:

I got the Hubby one for Christmas last year because I thought he would love the tech gadget factor of it. Because I wasn’t sure if he would like it, I talked about it a lot to gauge his response. Apparently, all my talking up of the kindle made Hubby think that I really really wanted one. So, he got me one for Christmas last year too!

As it turns out, I do really love my kindle. The screen actually looks like the page of a book and I can read for hours on it. I carry with me everyday so that I can read during lunch (if I have time). The only downside for me is that the kindle is not helping my tendency to read approximately 7 books at one time. Since I can carry all 7 at the same time… well things have gone downhill on that front. I think I am actually in the middle of reading 4 different books right now.

All of this is to get to this point: I just read on cnn.com that Amazon is expected to announce a tablet version of the kindle. At first, I was excited/bummed. Excited because I love electronic  gadgets and bummed because I don’t think I can justify buying a new kindle when mine is only a year old. And then I read the story. The new tablet isn’t going to have the same screen! It’s going to be a “glowing LED screen.” The screen is the main reason I chose the kindle over all the other e-readers (that and the price) and I’m pretty disappointed that amazon is doing away with it now.

I guess I should be happy that the screen is changing… that guarantees that I will not be tempted to buy another kindle gadget this year!

I’m interested to know how others feels about the e-reader situation. Are you pro-e-reader or do you think they’re ruining the world? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle?

UPDATE: Amazon has now officially released the new kindle lineup. And now I want the kindle touch.


I’m using the library again!

Bedbugs be damned!

Remember how I mentioned that kinda sorta have a crippling fear of bedbugs and that said crippling fear was going to prevent be from using the public library ever again and that I was pretty bummed about that? Well, thanks to amazon FINALLY allowing kindle books to be loaned, I’m using the library again!

I am so excited about this. Last week when the kindle library lending program opened up, I was massively disappointed because it looked like the public library in town wasn’t going to be doing kindle lending. So, I did a couple of internet searches and found the coolest thing: Kentucky Libraries Unbound. From what I can gather, this site is a consortium of roughly 50 (I just estimated that number from the drop down list) county libraries that allows customers of those libraries to download ebooks (not just kindle books) using their library card. Unfortunately, my county wasn’t on the list and I was once again massively disappointed.

Long story short, my library’s site started including kindle books the next day and all is right with the world now. In fact, I just checked out my first kindle library book about 10 minutes ago. I was honestly surprised at how easy it was; the check out period is pretty short (only 7 days), but it’s still a HUGE leap for readers.

So, if you have an e-reader (or any kindle app/program), check out either your local library’s site or Kentucky Libraries Unbound. This is a great way to get new reading material for free(!) without even leaving your house.

I Love Fall!

So, fall is my most favorite season. I love how the weather is pretty consistently cool in the mornings and evenings, but warm in the afternoons. I love the light. I love the changing leaves. I love the shorter days. I love the cozier clothes. In short, I love everything.

Super-Awesome spider web in the tree on my patio

Today, I’m enjoying the fall morning on my patio with a cup of coffee (because what would this blog be without a discussion of coffee in EVERY post?) and some light reading.

How are you celebrating this fall morning?

Cold Brew Coffee

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about cold brew coffee. She told me about how easy it is and how awesome it tastes. I was intrigued, so while I was on my vacation a couple of weeks ago, I gave it a try.

It was ahh-mazing.

I used the New York Times recipe. It takes some time (I let it sit overnight) but it is worth it. Basically, you just put coffee grounds into water and let it sit for a while…

I used mason jars.

In a few hours (or overnight) you’ve got coffee concentrate. To make it drinkable, you filter it, dilute it with equal parts water, and warm it up.

The filtering process

I wish I had a pic of me enjoying the finished product to show you… but I was too bust enjoying the finished product to take a picture!

So take my word for it, this coffee is great. Give it a try.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’ve made no secret of my love for Starbucks, but I generally don’t like the syrupy sweet specialty drinks. I make an exception every fall, or as I like to call it Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Of course, I make it my own by ordering a pumpkin spice flavored cafe au lait. In starbucks parlance, what is a pretty simple drink (coffee, milk, and pumpkin spice syrup), becomes a 10 step ordering process which makes me feel kinda like a giant douche bag. And no one likes to feel like that.

So you can imagine how excited I was to find a tweet from Greenderlla with a link to a homemade pumpkin spice latte. I tried it out yesterday morning and I have to say, it’s pretty freaking delicious!

Click through the link for the full recipe, but there are only like 5 ingredients in this recipe:

Milk (any kind will do–I used vanilla soy)

Pumpkin puree

Pumpkin pie spice

Agave nectar (you could use honey too)

Vanilla extract (I omitted because of the vanilla soymilk).

It was super easy to make. All you do is combine all the ingredients and whip them together. I used the whisk attachment for my stick blender (for the first time!) and was surprised to learn that it makes some pretty awesome froth.

The best thing about this recipe, other than it’s complete deliciousness, is how cheap it was. I had all the ingredients other than pumpkin puree, so basically I only spent like 88 cents more than I would have for my regular homemade coffee.

Have a delicious Sunday!

Free yoga!

I was sure I had blogged about how September is national yoga month before, but I searched the ol’ blog and realized I have not. So. Here you go: September is national yoga month.  I don’t know who decided this, but the purpose is to raise promote the practice of yoga. I know that was anticlimactic but there’s really not that much to say… so…

Here in Lexington 4 studios are celebrating national yoga month with FREE yoga classes! Yay! I got this list from Natural Awakening Magazine, so you can double check if you don’t believe me… or if you just want to read the magazine. Full disclosure: there were 5 studios, but the 5th, Open Heart Yoga Studio, free class was last weekend.

Lexington Healing Arts Academy: various classes (check the site) through October 7

Barefoot Works Yoga Studio: September 17 @11 a.m. They’re also celebrating a 5 year anniversary on the 16th at 6:30.

Bikram Yoga Lexington: September 30 @ 5:30

Yoga with Romi: Free classes September 26 through 30th (check the site)

I’m planning to go to all of these classes and I’m super excited because I’ve only been to one of the four studios. It’ll be an adventure!

So get out, try a free class, and let me know what you thought!

Ah. Vacation.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been posting too much lately. As wordpress keeps reminding me (or maybe that’s my own guilty conscience), I haven’t blogged since August 11.

I can’t believe it either.

Life got crazy this summer, even before I took my little blogging hiatus. There’s been health problems in my family and I’ve been doing a lot of after work traveling. BUT.  What really caused the hiatus is that I’m on vacation!

I know. It sounds great, right?

Don’t get me wrong. Being on vacation is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Getting ready to be on vacation was probably the worst experience of my life.

I’ve been on vacation (at my house) since 4:35 p.m. on Friday. I’ve been getting ready to be on vacation since at least August 11. Getting ready for vacation entailed working on average 10 hours a day, and weekends, since August 11. If there’s one thing this taught me, it’s that 28 year old Martha does not have the stamina of 20 year old Martha. I. am. exhausted.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t pick a less busy week to be on vacation. Here’s the thing. I did.

That’s right. There is absolutely nothing on my calendar this week. But there was a LOT last week and a LOT next week. So…

Anyway, I picked this week to be on vacation (!) because R. is getting married this Saturday! I’m so excited!

In the meantime (between now and Saturday, I’ll be relaxing, helping R. do wedding prep things, and getting back on the blogging train. I’ve got at least 3 topics that have popped up in the last month and caused me to think “I should blog about that.” And now I have time to do that.

While you’re waiting for my upcoming most awesome blogs of all time, have a great week!