Save the Words!

Twitter just told me about Save the Words. It’s a site that has a list of words that are so underused they’re basically in danger of becoming dead words. You pick adopt a word and vow to use it as much as possible.

I really like this idea, because, well, I really like words. I like learning new ones and trying to decipher the origins of old ones. Basically this website is the omniregency of words and that makes it kinda awesome.

Check it out!


I’m a guest blogger today!

The week got a away from me and I completely forgot to let everyone know that I’m the guest blogger over at A Wondering Spirit! I’ve been super excited about thsi and I can’t believe I forgot! I guess this is just another example of how much I suck at life (that’ll make sense when you read the post).Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you’d click over and check it out. Enjoy!