From the number of readers and facebook comments on yesterday’s Open Letter to My Neighbors, I’m not the only person in town blessed with firework loving neighbors.The facebook comments made me feel actually blessed. Apparently, several of you have neighbors who have been shooting fireworks in the DAYLIGHT. I want to ask why anyone would even do this and explain that you can only see them at night, but something tell me logic is useless. And, if the “I feel your pain” facebook comments weren’t enough to reassure me that the problem is widespread, yesterday one of the City Councilmen asked the City’s law department to draft a noise ordinance limiting the hours fireworks can be set off.

I don’t know if any of my actual neighbors read the blog, but I’m going to assume they do. Because last night there were NO fireworks! It was awesome. I fell asleep to the sound of white noise and was never jolted awake sure that my house was being firebombed.

So, pyrotechnic genius neighbors, I thank you for the restful night’s sleep. And, so do the bear dogs. Another night of fireworks may have driven them over the edge.


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