Why I’m not using the public library anymore


I have always loved the public library. Growing up in a VERY rural area of south-eastern Kentucky, there weren’t that many bookstores around. Since I love to read, no bookstore = an issue. Going to the public library was always a super exciting day for me. I could spend hours there.

Naturally, when I moved to my new city and started life as a broke law student, I got a library card. And for the first year I lived here, I checked books out like it was my job! Then I read an article somewhere (story of my life: I read something life changing and can’t remember where)  about how bedbugs are crazy bad in libraries and some heavily populated areas have to fumigate and stuff.

Now. If you know anything about me, you know that I have a pretty pathological fear of bugs in my house. Outside bugs are okay. When they come inside, not okay. Not okay at all.


I quit using the library for a while. But last year sometime, I forgot (willfully) about the bedbug thing and started using the library again. And all was going great.


I read this earlier in the week. Bedbugs are in the library branch I use!

My worst fear is  realized.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m not using the public library anymore

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