The Missing Bread Mystery

I was planning to write a post today about the most amazing bread I’ve ever baked. Really. The best bread I’ve even eaten since I visited France. I followed the recipe in my new bread baking cookbook and spent ALL DAY yesterday babying this bread and finally popped it in the oven around 8:30 pm. Even the Hubby loved it which is saying something considering he doesn’t like things.

Last night we ate it fresh from the oven with butter and honey and this morning I had some toasted with jam. Before I left for a long long day of driving, I popped it in the oven so the bear dogs wouldn’t eat it while Hubby was showering. When I got home this evening, I planned to grab a slice as a snack on my way to get my hair did.


When I opened the oven, it was gone. GONE. I looked everywhere; the cabinets, the microwave, even the fridge. It was nowhere. I sadly went to my hair appointment sans bread snack and texted Hubby to see where he hid the delicious wonderfulness that was the bread. A few texts later, we figured out that he had no idea where it was because he hadn’t touched it since last night and it should still be in the oven. When I got home, I checked the oven again. You know. In case, it magically reappeared. (Full disclosure. I looked everywhere again).


It was still nowhere. Just so you know how this ends… the bread is STILL missing. I have four theories as to who or what is responsible for its disappearance.

1. Someone broke into our house and stole only the bread.

2. Hubby ate all the bread and is too ashamed to tell me he ate almost two loaves of bread this morning.

3. There’s someone secretly living in my house who only comes out when I’m gone and ate all the bread today (This actually happened in Japan a couple of years ago and I have a secret fear that it will happen/is happening to me).

4. The bear dogs learned how to open the oven, ate the bread from the oven, and closed the oven door again.

Here’s the only evidence:


That’s the pizza stone from my oven that the bread was on. As you can see it’s covered with crumbs and what appear to be claw marks.

With this evidence, I’m leaning toward 4. But I’m still creep-ed out about 3. Especially with the claw marks.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Missing Bread Mystery

  1. Seriously?! You’re not sure IF your dogs MAY have eaten the bread. Really? Really? If I’m not mistaken, these are the same dogs that have eaten your shoes, the carpet, furniture bits, various forms of identification, papers, books, entire bags of dog food and in one horrible nightmare – a couple people. It’s the dogs.

    But, I’m intrigued by this amazing bread and request you share the recipe. On a couple separate note, the live in person was also on an episode of Happy Endings which was pretty funny. Nicole also (I think) secretly believed that was happening at her house although I’m pretty sure the only proof is the result of air pressure rather than a small person living in the attic. But it couldn’t hurt to periodically check out all your closets and unused spaces.

      • They probably have not mastered door knobs yet but biting or pawing the oven door down and nosing it closed seems well within their scavenging abilities.

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