This is how my garden grows…

About this time last year, I posted about my little condo garden. Apparently that’s now an annual thing, because guess what? Here’s another post about my little condo garden!

Most of my garden is flowers, and herbs, and inedible plants, but I do have four vegetables! Really five if you count the potatoes Hubby planted by tossing on the ground and kicking dirt over them. They’re actually doing really well (I think anyway… I know nothing about growing potatoes). In fact, this is how well they’re doing…




I also have two tomatoes plants, which are growing better than any other tomato plants I’ve ever tried to grow.

The two tomato plants! …And my gardening gloves, laptop, and water glass

We’re also growing bell pepper. It’s my first time and I’m super excited to see how they turn out!

 Peppers and Rosemary!

Outside the gate we’re growing mostly flowers, random plants and some herbs.

Outside the gate. 

There’s no way that our little garden will feed us, but my ultimate goal, especially with the scary e coli outbreak in Germany, is to grow most of our own food. Of course that won’t happen until we can get a place with a yard, so for now I’m just practicing!

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