Guerilla Gardening?

On one my daily walks around downtown, I came across these:



Those are tiny peppers in the downtown landscaping! I think it’s awesome, but I’m a little confused. Are these supposed to be there or were they guerilla gardened?


The Missing Bread Mystery

I was planning to write a post today about the most amazing bread I’ve ever baked. Really. The best bread I’ve even eaten since I visited France. I followed the recipe in my new bread baking cookbook and spent ALL DAY yesterday babying this bread and finally popped it in the oven around 8:30 pm. Even the Hubby loved it which is saying something considering he doesn’t like things.

Last night we ate it fresh from the oven with butter and honey and this morning I had some toasted with jam. Before I left for a long long day of driving, I popped it in the oven so the bear dogs wouldn’t eat it while Hubby was showering. When I got home this evening, I planned to grab a slice as a snack on my way to get my hair did.


When I opened the oven, it was gone. GONE. I looked everywhere; the cabinets, the microwave, even the fridge. It was nowhere. I sadly went to my hair appointment sans bread snack and texted Hubby to see where he hid the delicious wonderfulness that was the bread. A few texts later, we figured out that he had no idea where it was because he hadn’t touched it since last night and it should still be in the oven. When I got home, I checked the oven again. You know. In case, it magically reappeared. (Full disclosure. I looked everywhere again).


It was still nowhere. Just so you know how this ends… the bread is STILL missing. I have four theories as to who or what is responsible for its disappearance.

1. Someone broke into our house and stole only the bread.

2. Hubby ate all the bread and is too ashamed to tell me he ate almost two loaves of bread this morning.

3. There’s someone secretly living in my house who only comes out when I’m gone and ate all the bread today (This actually happened in Japan a couple of years ago and I have a secret fear that it will happen/is happening to me).

4. The bear dogs learned how to open the oven, ate the bread from the oven, and closed the oven door again.

Here’s the only evidence:


That’s the pizza stone from my oven that the bread was on. As you can see it’s covered with crumbs and what appear to be claw marks.

With this evidence, I’m leaning toward 4. But I’m still creep-ed out about 3. Especially with the claw marks.

What do you think?

Summertime Smoothies

Smoothies are pretty much my favorite summertime snack. I like them year round, but a smoothie on a summer afternoon is bliss in a glass.

Bliss in a Glass!

I started drinking/making smoothies the summer that I studied in Paris. Our study abroad group was instructed to eat yogurt regularly before we went so that the active cultures would help protect us from any foreign bacteria. At that time I (weirdly) didn’t like yogurt at all. (I think it was texture thing). So I started making myself smoothies with yogurt in them everyday for a month or so before we went. When I got back, the tradition continued.

Afternoon Smoothie. 

Since I love them so much, I thought I’d share my super easy recipe.


Orange Juice (or whatever juice you like) 1/4 Cup-ish

Frozen Fruit (whatever you like) 1/2-1 cup-ish

Yogurt (vanilla for sweetness) 1/2-3/4 cup-ish


1. Get out your blender

2. Put the OJ (or whatever juice you like; I like the citrus for some acidity but Hubby prefers apple) in the blender

3. Add the Frozen Fruit

4.  Add the yogurt (if you have plain, put some honey in as well)

5. Blend until smooth. (If it’s too thick, add some more juice)

Et voila! Delicious smoothie. I’m sure you noticed that the measurements are not so much measure-y. That’s because I don’t really measure things. Unless I’m baking. That’s the only time it’s necessary, in my opinion. Anyway just use the measurements as a guide and do what seems delicious. You can’t really make a smoothie bad.

Enjoy and Happy Summer!

This is how my garden grows…

About this time last year, I posted about my little condo garden. Apparently that’s now an annual thing, because guess what? Here’s another post about my little condo garden!

Most of my garden is flowers, and herbs, and inedible plants, but I do have four vegetables! Really five if you count the potatoes Hubby planted by tossing on the ground and kicking dirt over them. They’re actually doing really well (I think anyway… I know nothing about growing potatoes). In fact, this is how well they’re doing…




I also have two tomatoes plants, which are growing better than any other tomato plants I’ve ever tried to grow.

The two tomato plants! …And my gardening gloves, laptop, and water glass

We’re also growing bell pepper. It’s my first time and I’m super excited to see how they turn out!

 Peppers and Rosemary!

Outside the gate we’re growing mostly flowers, random plants and some herbs.

Outside the gate. 

There’s no way that our little garden will feed us, but my ultimate goal, especially with the scary e coli outbreak in Germany, is to grow most of our own food. Of course that won’t happen until we can get a place with a yard, so for now I’m just practicing!

Finally! I can eat outside without bursting into flames…

Here in Kentucky, we pretty much skipped spring. The weather went from cold and snowy to above-freezing and rainy to so hot you will literally spontaneously combust upon walking outside in the span of 2 months or so.

Don’t get me wrong. I like summer. But it’s June 2nd and we’re already in the midst of a heat wave. Today, it was cool enough (relative term) to sit outside for lunch.


Later this evening this park will host Thursday Night Live and the fountain will be turned off… But I like it like this.

Book Review: Earth (The Audiobook): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

The Details

Author: Jon Stewart

Published: 2010, but Amazon says the Audiobook will be released in October 2011. That’s interesting since I got it from the public library on Friday.

Premise: A travel book for the aliens who finally make it to Earth after humanity has destroyed itself. Which, according to the book, should happen any time now.

Why I got an audiobook: LONG LONG LONG road trip. Audiobooks are the only thing that keep the Hubby from getting unbearably bored.