It’s the weekend!

Yay! I love long weekends more than I can really express in words. They seem so much more relaxed than normal weekends. I mean,  I love regular weekends too, but they’re always a little hectic. There’s so much relazing to do,  but also so many mundance chores that didn’t get done all week too. Like laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping and going to the bank and… the list goes on.

But on long weekends, all those mundane chores get done on one day and you still have TWO days to relax. Awesome.

So yesterday, I spent a LOT of time in a car and then a LOT of time outside. Which is where I snapped this pic…


That’s the bear cub eating aspargus. She’s a weird dog.

How are you spending your long weekend? Working? Watching your dog eat random wild vegetables? BBQ-ing? Shopping? Lounging on the couch in a food coma while watching sex and the city reruns?


One thought on “It’s the weekend!

  1. I spent yesterday drinking, walking and talking too much. Most of today had been spent on daydreams and suffering from yesterday’s lack of proper decision making. Tomorrow I hope to do something purposeful. Your dog is funny, he must want to be a vegetarian like his mommy. Cheers!

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