Well. This is embarrassing.

Yesterday, I wrote an end of the world post and, as it turns out, the world didn’t end. Sigh.


As I mentioned yesterday, I spent my last day on earth a couple of hours at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I didn’t go with high expectations of fun. But. It was fun. There was about a million skeins of yarn for sale as well as various tools for making things with yarn. And, the coolest part, tools for actually making yarn. But more about that later.

Since it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning–and because I goofed all day yesterday thinking the world was going to end and it didn’t so now I have to go to the office today–here’s some pics of the cute fiber making animals I meet yesterday.

Angora Rabbit

A gallon sized ziploc bag of angora rabbit hair was $17.00! Hubby now wants to start an angora rabbit farm. (I wish I was joking).

Cute Sheep


Now I kinda want to have a sheep farm full of cute little sheep! (I’m mostly kidding…)

More Sheep!

Alpaca… or Llama? I don’t know. Maybe both?



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