It’s not trespassing if it’s for yoga. Right? RIGHT?

In case you’re not initimately connected with my comings and goings, I spent this long weekend visiting my mother-in-law. These weekends are few and far between because (1) there’s just not enough three day weekends in the year and (2) she lives three and a half hours from us. This weekend we timed our visit to coincide with R.’s visit. Which makes for more fun and a house absolutely bursting with living beings… four people and two dogs large enough to be people. 

A house so full means no room for yoga. And you can’t NOT do yoga when you’re visiting your mother-in-law, amiright? (I kid. We actually get along well) Anywho, R. and I took our yoga outside Sunday morning.  …Only to realize pretty immediately that it was HOT outside. And there was no shade anywhere in the yard. But, right next door, there was a nice flat shady spot by a small stream.


 My tree pose view.

It only took about 30 seconds for us to decide the neighbors probably wouldn’t mind us doing yoga in their backyard. For the record, these are not the same neighbors who thought I was muslim last time I did yoga in the backyard.  So, we took our mats and my iphone and made ourselves at home.


Our yoga space. I LOVE how we arranged our mats.

It turns out that trespassing to do yoga was a great idea… Also I’m pretty sure the neighbors were at church and never knew we were there. We did a yoga journal podcast using my phone. 20110530-102025.jpg

This was my ceiling.

It was a great practice, although the podcast teacher’s cues could have used a little work. Towards the end we just did seated poses we wanted to because we couldn’t figure out what he was describing.  


R. after savasana

Despite the podcast’s shortcomings, it was an awesome practice. Practicing outside is really zen and makes you feel connected to everything.


My chaturanga view.

 Yesterday’s practice was so great that I really want to do it again. Alas, it’s already really really hot out, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

But. I’m not going to let that ruin my Memorial Day. I’m planning lots of other super fun stuff. More about that later… in the meantime, enjoy!



It’s the weekend!

Yay! I love long weekends more than I can really express in words. They seem so much more relaxed than normal weekends. I mean,  I love regular weekends too, but they’re always a little hectic. There’s so much relazing to do,  but also so many mundance chores that didn’t get done all week too. Like laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping and going to the bank and… the list goes on.

But on long weekends, all those mundane chores get done on one day and you still have TWO days to relax. Awesome.

So yesterday, I spent a LOT of time in a car and then a LOT of time outside. Which is where I snapped this pic…


That’s the bear cub eating aspargus. She’s a weird dog.

How are you spending your long weekend? Working? Watching your dog eat random wild vegetables? BBQ-ing? Shopping? Lounging on the couch in a food coma while watching sex and the city reruns?

Well. This is embarrassing.

Yesterday, I wrote an end of the world post and, as it turns out, the world didn’t end. Sigh.


As I mentioned yesterday, I spent my last day on earth a couple of hours at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I didn’t go with high expectations of fun. But. It was fun. There was about a million skeins of yarn for sale as well as various tools for making things with yarn. And, the coolest part, tools for actually making yarn. But more about that later.

Since it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning–and because I goofed all day yesterday thinking the world was going to end and it didn’t so now I have to go to the office today–here’s some pics of the cute fiber making animals I meet yesterday.

Angora Rabbit

A gallon sized ziploc bag of angora rabbit hair was $17.00! Hubby now wants to start an angora rabbit farm. (I wish I was joking).

Cute Sheep


Now I kinda want to have a sheep farm full of cute little sheep! (I’m mostly kidding…)

More Sheep!

Alpaca… or Llama? I don’t know. Maybe both?


It’s the end of the world as we know it…

So apparently the world is ending today at 6 p.m.

I didn’t know about this until yesterday. I feel like I needed a little more warning. Of course, I haven’t been in a church for anything other than a wedding in several years, so maybe it got mentioned at some point.

Anyway. I have a feeling that this is a false alarm. But in case its not, I’m spending the day doing things I like. I’ll be attending a yoga class, visiting the farmer’s market, checking out a fiber festival (I don’t really know what it is either), and reading. Or doing something that doesn’t involve me working or cleaning my house.

What are you doing to prepare for the end of the world?

This is weird, right?

I ordered some things from earlier this week. When it arrived yesterday, it was in a HUGE box and I was a little surprised.


I only ordered 4 things so I was pretty shocked by the super-sized box. Especially the weird wrapping paper packing material.


Last night, I didn’t even think about the weird packing wrapping paper. This morning when I was picking it all up, I realized the weird wrapping paper was from the express.


Now I’m just confused. Why is there express wrapping paper (and expired coupons) in my order?

Hobbies for a 95 year old woman?

Sometimes, just for funsies, I like to see how people are finding my blog. Quelle surprise, most of the time it’s a tea tag quote. please note, I’m not being sarcastic. I actually am surprised that people google those tea tag quotes and find my blog.

But yesterday I checked my wordpress site stats and found that at least one person found my blog by searching “hobbies for a 95 year old woman”



I know I joke about essentially being a 95 year old woman because of all my odd hobbies, have a category called “getting old sucks” and once even wrote a post about how I was a 95 year old woman, but really? That’s enough for this blog to come up in a google search for old woman hobbies?

Clearly, I’m shocked and disturbed by this. I’ve seriously got to start blogging about things that are more… I don’t know… young. Yes. Young is the word I’m looking for here. Of course that’s not going to be easy given that this scene is pretty representative of my life.


Yeah. I guess if I’m going to start blogging about things that are less old lady-ish I’m going to have to get some new hobbies. I’ll let you know what those are as soon as I google  “hobbies for 27 year old woman who wants hobbies that a 95 year old woman wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole”