Earth Week: Eco-Entertainment

This is my last Earth Week post. Sad times.

I came across this article today: Top 10 eco-movies for kids.  This was pretty exciting for me because as  I’ve mentioned this at least one other time, I LOVE kids movies. I think they’re hilarious and otherwise awesome!

Of course, I got even more excited when I saw my most favorite movie as a kid had made the list: Fern Gully! If you didn’t see this, you really missed out. But if you did see Avatar, you basically saw the non-animated 3d version of Fern Gully with aliens.

Other awesome movies made the list too; Wall-E, Bambi, Finding Nemo, Free Willy, and Furry Vengeance.   Normally, I’m not a huge fan of kids and TV, due to my love of reading and otherwise being a nerd, but I like it when “entertainment” also teaches kids about being eco-friendly. Of course, I liked all these movies (except Furry Vengence–what is that anyway?) for reasons other than eco-value, but the protect the environment message is an added bonus.

I would love to continue this… but apparently I’m under a tornado warning and should take shelter.Wish me luck!


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