Earth Week: They’re so annoying…

I hate plastic shopping bags. Hate them. Always have. Even before using resusuable bags became the hip thing to do, I hated plastic bags. That not to say, I didn’t use them, but I did really really hate them. Maybe it has something to do with cleaning them from the tops of saplings in my yard after a flood as a child. Now, I’m done this rant before, so I’ll just link you to that.

What brought up again was an editorial in the local newspaper from a woman suggesting that our city ban/tax plastic shopping bags. As I’ve already established, I this plastic bags suck and don’t think its that hard to remember to take a tote bag to the store with you… BUT from the comments on the story you would think this lady had proposed we start eating babies. Seriously, people reactions were such that you would think “free” plastic bags to carry your purchases in were necessary to sustain life.


Since it’s Earth Week (I’m going to make it a real holiday), I thought now would be a good time to bring this up again. What are your thoughts on plastic bags? Love them? Hate them? Can’t live without them? Use them sometimes when you forget to take a bag?

EDIT: This posted before I meant for it to, so I’ve gone back and changed the title to designate it as an Earth Week post. Otherwise, everything’s the same as it was at 1 am or whatever ungodly hour wordpress thought I scheduled it to post.


2 thoughts on “Earth Week: They’re so annoying…

  1. I reuse all my plastic bags. They make great garbage bags for the small cans in the bathrooms and are also good for picking up dog feces, But since you like the the kind you can reuse I have a tip. Old T shirts are really easy to turn into grocery bags. Just flip them inside out, sew up the bottom and cut out the neck and sleeves. Use concert or printed Tees and you have your own unique bags. That is my Earth day tip. 🙂

    • I reuse all mine too, but I still have hundreds! They multiple like rabbits!

      I’ve never seen a t-shirt bag. It sounds like a perfect way to reuse all the old t-shirts I have and I can’t wait to try it. Great tip!

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